FREE Indoor Daygame Guide – My First Ebook

“The first time you do a thing is always exciting.”

Agatha Christie

Feedback Is Much Appreciated!

As you can see from the title of this post, this is the first ebook I have written, and I am super excited about it! I would love to hear from those of you that read the guide – did you use what you learned to finally approach a girl as you were shopping at the grocery store and get her number? Did you go on a date with a girl you met at the mall? What parts did you like and what parts did you feel like could use improvements, and why? Any and all feedback will be much appreciated – you can either share it with me here, or you can share it with me via Twitter.

Support The Book

This is my first ebook, and honestly I am not sure whether I will write anymore as of this moment. I am releasing this ebook for free because I wanted to share what I have learned about daygaming indoors with the daygame community, since there aren’t too many resources that talk about how to effectively daygame at locations such as the grocery store, the mall, department stores, etc. Having said all of that, let’s say that you get numbers, go on dates, get laid, and generally learn a lot from the ebook and you want to thank me for the knowledge I shared. Makes sense, right?

In that case, you can use this link to buy me a coffee, send me some ETH to the address here: 0xA9bF4923FbD6311ff9138bCA375bA93BE3298139 or some BTC to the address here: bc1qcvzzvh2zdjxl3vsqrzw9a75xkm0v85w9tcsvpj. You can also access the information about supporting my content here. Of course, any support you show will be much appreciated!

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Without further ado, click on the link below to get your copy of my first ebook in PDF format:


10 things I learned from my first 200 daygame cold approaches

Progress is not an illusion; it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing.

— George Orwell

Over the last few months, I have been going out and doing daygame approaches. Here are the ten things I learned from my first 200 cold approaches:

  1. Direct approaches work the best
    • As I talked about in my About Me page, the first book I read when I got serious about cold approaching was Roosh’s Day Bang. In the book, Roosh recommends an indirect approach where you open with a question (he recommends different questions based on the environment), and then start chatting from there. When I started my 100 approach challenge, I decided to do direct openers in order to help with approach anxiety. What I discovered was that direct approaches were much more effective when I was able to handle my approach anxiety better and be more confident when opening. Whenever I would open indirect I would have trouble making a man to woman connection, and often times the girl would excuse herself and leave before I could get a chance to make a direct statement of interest. In fact, I found direct openers so effective that they are pretty much the only opener I use now that I have more confidence in my cold approaching skills. I also discovered the London Daygame Model after doing around 100 or so direct approaches, and have used it to refine my direct cold approaching method. If you haven’t approached direct, give it a shot – you will love how effective it is!
  2. You can approach women anywhere
    • When I first started doing cold approach, I picked a couple of spots that Roosh mentioned in Day Bang such as the mall and grocery store and tried approaching there. However, most of the guys that run the London Daygame Model approach exclusively on the street. There is one problem for me with that approach: there just isn’t a street here that gets enough foot traffic for me to have enough targets. When I lived in Europe (and when I go back to visit family now), there are plenty of spots downtown that are great for cold approaching. But here in America? Unless you live in a city like NYC/Chicago/LA, you will have to find other venues to approach. Don’t get me wrong – I have done street approaches when I go to popular spots downtown and still do it from time to time. However, I have found out that you can approach women pretty much anywhere during the day – the mall, grocery stores, department stores, the bookstore, you name it. Some of the spots I have found most successful for me are malls, outdoor malls, grocery stores (goldmine), and department stores. And if you live on a college campus, take advantage of it and approach all the hotties you see walking around!
  3. Daygame cold approaching is hard
    • Most guys meet women through their social circle. They also don’t hit on strange women unless they are at a bar or a club and have already had a few drinks with their buddies. At that point, everyone thinks they are a pickup artist and can seduce any women they want. But approach hot girls consistently while sober during the daytime, whenever they see a girl they like? Most guys have never or almost never done it. And you know what? After doing 200 daygame approaches, I know why. My first cold approaches were awkward. I had approach anxiety, I was nervous, my heart was beating fast, and my emotions were overwhelming me, making it harder to focus on actually making the approach fun and engaging for both of us. It took me a while to even decide to approach when I first started out, and I missed talking to so many girls just because of my approach anxiety. But it does get better with time. Daygame is super hard at first and that is why men either don’t try it, or try it and struggle so much that they quit almost right away. Here’s the reward of daygame if you stick with it, though – once you have done enough sets, you will be able to walk up to a woman anytime, anywhere and meet her confidently. Without needing a friend to introduce you, without needing alcohol, without needing anything except yourself. That’s pretty powerful!
  4. London Daygame Model works
    • After I had done about 100 approaches or so, I found out about the London Daygame Model. As I mentioned in my About Me page, I started off my approaches by following GoodLookingLoser’s guide to just walk up to girls, say they are cute and go with basic talk from there. However, I would frequently freeze after the opener and not be able to come up with anything on my feet, or be too passive and wait for the girl to say something before I continued. The London Daygame Model helped my approaches immensely because I could follow up my opener with a stack. Once I stacked on either her ethnicity, her clothes, or an assumption about her job, it was a lot easier to get the girl to say something about my stack, which would then make it easier to continue the conversation. The Model is also helpful for beginners, as it isn’t overly complicated, but it does give you a guide to follow so you aren’t trying to improvise and think on your feet too much while still dealing with a lot of approach anxiety.
  5. Body language, voice tonality and eye contact will make or break you
    • Many guys are obsessed with pickup lines. They worry about the perfect thing to say to the woman they like. I know because there were times in my life where I believed saying the right thing would increase my success with women. Well, you know what? Sure, a clever line here and there could help you make a better connection with a woman you have opened. However, if you are the type of guy to worry about what to say to a woman and needs a step by step guide, then your words are irrelevant. Why is that, you ask? Because if you are worried about your words, your body language is probably not up to par. You probably avoid strong eye contact as to not appear “creepy”. You most likely talk way too fast and that gives away how nervous you are. Humans as species evolved to be more honest with their non-verbals than with their verbals, and women are much better at reading body language than men are. So instead of worrying about what to say, instead focus on how to say it. Fixing your body language, voice tonality and eye contact won’t happen overnight, and it is worth it to focus on them one by one so you can make consistent progress. Take it from me: working on those three non-verbals has made a huge difference in my game and the responses I get.
  6. Women love being approached in a confident way
    • If you haven’t spent the last few years in a cave, you are probably aware that Western society is trying its best to label a man doing what evolution intended – talking to strange women he finds attractive – “creepy”. The infamous Gilette commercial has a guy saying “Not cool, bro!” as his buddy is about to talk to a beautiful woman walking down the street. There are even guys on Internet forums who have tried doing cold approaches, and for whatever reason find it creepy. You wanna know what my experience has been? The exact opposite. Out of 200 approaches, only one woman has used the word “creepy”, and she was right – looking back on it, I was still relatively new to cold approaching and made a few mistakes during the approach. I told her mistakes were made and moved on. The positive reactions, however, are orders of magnitude more. I have had girls thank me for approaching them many times, even if they weren’t interested. I had a girl who sad she has a boyfriend but found me sexy, and she sat there debating whether to give me her phone number. I have had girls light up and carry the conversation for a bit. I have had girls who said they were married, but said that was the best thing that ever happened to them that day. Here is my advice: get enough approaches so your confidence in your skills goes up, and your interactions with women during cold approaches will get much better, even with the women who are not interested in you. And for the love of God, if you think what you are doing is creepy, then you are probably making it creepy. Approach with confidence and enjoy what a difference it makes!
  7. Cold approaching helps in other areas of your life
    • Most guys talk to strange women for one reason: they find her attractive and wanna fuck her. That is perfectly normal and has happened to our species for centuries. But I have also noticed something ever since I started doing daygame consistently: once you put yourself out there and play the seduction game, it has many side benefits. Big presentation in front of people at work? It doesn’t scare you as much as it used to once you have approached a woman who didn’t even know you exist, given her a compliment, talked to her for a few minutes, then had her give you her number. As I say, once you have talked to enough women and tried to sell them your dick, selling yourself in front of coworkers suddenly becomes much easier. Talking to strangers at random is also easier. Your conversation skills are constantly getting better, because you need them to get better in order to have more success at cold approaching. You have cool, random and weird stories to tell your friends – some of the rejections I have gotten are pretty hilarious. Once you realize you can go up to a girl you find attractive and make something happen despite your approach anxiety, you realize you can do anything you set your mind to. And that feels liberating and gives you confidence!
  8. It’s a numbers game – to an extent
    • The beautiful thing about cold approaching is that it’s up to you to make things happen. Generally speaking, the more women you approach, the better your chances are of finding the women that are a good fit for you. That is why you often hear that it’s a numbers game. I agree to an extent – the more women you approach, the better you get at approaching, which leads to more success in the long run. However, there is a small caveat I like to point out – if a total cold approaching newbie and a famous pickup artist (let’s pick Roy Walker for our example) are about to approach the same girl, who do you think would have a better chance? It goes without saying that Roy would have better odds at banging her, so the better you get at approaching the higher your percentage is. But even for Roy and PUAs who are as successful or more successful as him, it’s still a numbers game (he keeps a spreadsheet detailing his approach number, how many contacts he has gotten, dates, lays, etc. – I admire the dedication!) No matter who you are, you have to play the numbers game, you just get better at it as you improve.
  9. Rejection is better than regret
    • When I first started approaching, I let many women I found cute walk by me into the ether forever because of my approach anxiety. I could have gotten to 100 approaches so much quicker if I had opened every cute girl I saw. Even on days when I approached super cute women, I still went home wondering what would have happened if I opened the hotties I didn’t talk to. That made me realize something: I spent much more mental energy on the women I didn’t approach than on the women I did approach and rejected me. Once you get rejected, your mind is at ease because you know you went for it. When you don’t approach, however, your mind will keep wondering what would have happened if you did. And that is much worse than taking that ego hit and getting rejected. Over the last 50 approaches or so, I got to the point where I approached pretty much every hot girl I saw, and that felt much better and did tons for my self-confidence. Never reject yourself, fellas – that is the girl’s job!
  10. There is no silver bullet
    • It is possible that some guys can start cold approaching, do it a handful of times, and get into a LTR with a girl they enjoy being around. However, just like witg anything else, game takes time and dedication to get good. Overcoming approach anxiety takes time. Learning how to stack on your direct opener takes time. Calibrating to the girl’s reaction takes time. Learning when and how to kino takes time. Learning to have interesting conversation with girls so they don’t ghost you once they give your their number takes time. Feeling comfortable escalating takes time. One by one, all of those pieces will fall into place eventually given you are dedicated to approaching and learning from your mistakes. However, there is no silver bullet – you have to do the work, accept where you are at the moment and work hard to get ti where you want to be. For me, I want to get to a point where I have the confidence that I am able to open any girl I find attractive anywhere – bar, club, store, beach, train, wherever – and know that my game is solid enough to make something happen if she has any attraction at all towards me. Here’s my final tip: focus on overcoming your sticking points, be persistent and patient, and you will see results that most guys only dream of!

Guest Post: Brown Daygamer’s Las Vegas Experience

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

Some married dude, probably


I have been busy with a lot recently, and truthfully I have been neglecting this blog, even though I do have good stories to share! Being in EE right now, there are lots of hot girls around, and when you add other stuff I have going on, I have been slacking on keeping you guys updated on my progress (although I did get a +1 recently!) But enough about me – Brown Daygamer was recently in Vegas, and he asked me to share his story there with all the readers of my blog, since he doesn’t have one of his own yet. So here it is, unedited from the man himself!

My Daygame Trip Experience In Las Vegas

I just completed my first daygame trip to a different city in USA. Although I would’ve liked my first daygame trip to be somewhere in Europe, Poland or Prague. One of my friend (he does nightgame mostly but have dabbled into daygame a bit) was already going to las Vegas for few days and asked me if I want to join him. I had few days if vacation left so I thought why not. It’s summer here, girls are out and about, and Vegas as I have heard is always lit. So I booked 6 days trip to Vegas including the weekends as I did want to checkout the nightclub scene over there.  My friend was staying there for 7 days and got to the hotel 1 day before me. 

My trip was off to a great start as I met a hot blonde American girl sitting right next to me on the flight for 5 hours. We were in a row with 3 seats, she was in window seat and I was in the aisle seat, thankfully there was no one sitting in the middle. After few small chit chats, we started having a real conversation, I ran my typical date routine with topics I would talk about in venue 1 and eventually venue 2. We talked about some sexual topics and I escalated with some kino touching on her arms, shoulders and palm reading routine. She was very receptive and investing a lot. 

I asked her logistics early on during the conversation to figure out how I want to move this further once we land. She mentioned she is returning from Dominican Republic after 2 weeks of vacation (My mind thought: Yes! A girl who likes to travel). However, right after she mentioned that she has another connecting flight from the Vegas airport at 6 AM (we were supposed to land at 12:15 AM in vegas). She also said I wish I had planned this better, I don’t have any hotel booked for the layover so I am just going to spent the night at the airport. I thought Bam! This is the perfect situation to invite her out with me to explore the Vegas strip and then invite her back to my room for little rest. Vegas strip is just 10 mins cab ride from the airport and my hotel was right on the strip. 

So I seeded the pull as we landed and her mind started wondering, coming up with various scenarios. At one point she said yea maybe its better than waiting at the airport but she had also mentioned earlier that she was super tired and hadn’t slept for 30 hrs. As we were walking out of the gate I pushed for the pull again and this time she said No I don’t think its a good idea. I am not dressed to go out and super tired plus I have a bag checked in as well. But she did appreciate the gesture and the conversation we had in the flight. As I tweeted about this, she did mention “You’ll find plenty of girls to have fun in Vegas”

As for daygame stats, see below for the breakdown. I did 54 sets in total (this includes solo sets and group sets). I counted group set as 1 approach and I didn’t count any sets I approached in the nightclubs. 

Approaches: 54

Number closes: 14

Responded to my feeler text: 3

Instant dates: 2 

Date 1: 0

Lays: 0

I mainly approached in the casino floors, hotel lobby, shopping mall, and on the street. Most of the girls were in sets of 2 or more. I struggled finding solo sets. Only few solo sets I found turned into idates. 

Insta-date 1: I opened a girl in the mall nearby, she was a  cute petite latina wearing a short with her ass cheeks hanging out. Saw her walking solo in the mall and I approached her. She was visiting vegas for 5 days with family and was just shopping around in the mall while her family was back in the hotel gambling. She seemed on so I took her on an iDate at the starbucks in food court. After few mins I seeded the walk near by the strip to see the casinos. She agreed, the vegas strip was 5 mins walk from the mall so we walked to the strip and saw few casinos. I seeded a drink at the bar but she says she doesn’t drink so I seed non alcoholic drinks in my room. It was hot outside so I said let’s go back to my room, listen to some music, have some drinks and then we come out after an hour to explore rest of the strip. She agreed and we were on our way to my room. As soon as we got off the elevator on the floor, I noticed her being a bit hesitant and having some thoughts in her mind. I kept talking bullshit to get her out of her head but as soon as we reached my door, she said she can’t come in and needs to go back to her family now. She suggested we can meet later but I never heard from her again. 

Insta-date 2: The 2nd instant date was with a hot black girl visiting from Caribbean islands. She was walking on the casino floor, looking for slots machine. I approached her and found out she is visiting alone. I thought ok this could be good. After few mins, I seeded a drink at the casino/hotel bar that I was staying at and she agreed. We spent 1 hr in the bar and I tried to seed next drink in my room. She knew what was going on and said don’t try to bring me back to your room, I am not coming. I switched the topic and talked about something else. After few mins, I seeded a drink at another bar on the strip since I felt she wasn’t ready for a pull yet. But then she denied to go to other bar and said she has to go back to her hotel to change and come back out again at night. She suggested we should meet at night, I texted her later but again didn’t hear from her. 

 I was talking to some guys who had been to vegas before and Pancake Mouse pointed out why I couldn’t find solo sets and trouble getting girls to respond to my text. He said 

“It’s important to remember a girl’s goals when she’s in Vegas: to have fun with friends. It’s very unlikely that you’re going to meet a girl out on the strip and pull her away from her friends for an instadate, much less get her out on a date some other time.” 

This hit home for me and I understood that Vegas is not a good city for daygame. Clearly girls are hot here, but they are also here to have fun with friends celebrating birthdays, bachelorette parties with their friends. Yes, they are in party mood and easiest way to pull them for a lay is definitely nightgame. 

I went to nightclubs 3 nights in row and it was a nightmare for me. I don’t do much nightgame but I tried to push myself these 3 nights. I approached girls on the dance floor, walking around the club, by the restroom, etc. yes, most girls were receptive but it was just too loud to have any conversation and after 2 mins either their friends pulled them away or they said “I have to find my friends”. I also saw guys who had reserved tables pulling girls away to offer free drinks and dance with them. Breeze recently wrote an excellent piece describing his experience in nightclub scene here so I won’t go much into the details. 

Overall, If I look at the trip from non/daygame lense then I had a great time exploring the casinos, having some good food, living the Vegas experience of a city that never sleeps and winning some $$ from gambling which covered my flight cost. But as for daygame experience, I would not recommend this city. It may be good for nightgame if you are intermediate/advanced nightgamer. 

Why I Am Publishing A Free Indoor Daygame Guide, And A General Update

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

Sarah Kay

General Update

If you have been following my blog, then you probably have realized that I haven’t posted anything this year at all. Why is that, you might ask? Many reasons, but there are two main ones: first of all, I moved to a new location within the US, and that was taking up a lot of my time to make sure it went smoothly. I am now no longer located in the Midwest (don’t worry, no changes to my Twitter handle or blog name!) and I am currently located in a Southern city. I have actually been able to run a bit of daygame finally over the last few weeks as I got a bit more settled in and done the things I wanted to improve at my new place. I will also likely spend more time in Europe this year, but one step at a time. What is the second reason, you might ask? Well… I have been busy writing an indoor daygame guide!

Why Write An Indoor Daygame Guide?

I realized that there wasn’t a good indoor daygame guide currently available in the community – sure, some of the textbooks by Krauser and Torero did mention indoor daygame for a couple of pages, but once I started to do the London Daygame Model, I realized that there were a few adjustments that I was making to my game as I approached at malls, grocery stores, and similar venues. Furthermore, some of those adjustments weren’t really obvious, and it took me quite a few sessions to realize what I needed to do and why it was effective. Then, as I came back from my NYC trip, I realized that I was now a daygamer who knows what the differences are between primarily approaching on the street, and primarily approaching in non-pedestrian cities where indoor daygame is necessary. That’s when I sat down and decided I will put my thoughts on paper to share with whoever might be interested!

Who Is The Indoor Daygame Guide For?

The main target audience for the indoor daygame guide is American guys who live in non-pedestrian cities, meaning that street daygame is not really plausible with good volume. What if you live in a city that is somewhat large (a metro area of say half a million or more), but there are no busy streets, and furthermore your online dating account doesn’t yield you many matches? Nightgame might not be plausible for you right now, or maybe you just don’t like staying up late, or don’t get good results at bars or clubs. What to do in that case? Well, that’s where the guide comes in – it will show you a good blueprint based on the London Daygame Model that you can use to game at malls, grocery stores, college campuses, etc. to meet women on your own terms, and show you that it is indeed possible to meet women during the day anywhere, as long as you are motivated and put in the effort.

What Will The Indoor Daygame Guide Contain?

Without giving too much away yet, the guide will talk about the two most common indoor daygame concepts (I believe they are both really important for indoor daygame, and somewhat underrated in the daygame community). It will have some exercises and examples that you can follow to understand how to improve your understanding of them and practice so that you notice them as you are daygaming. Then, there are chapters about the venues where I have spent most of my time daygaming (grocery stores, the mall, college campuses) which include a ton of tips, tricks, examples and walking you through how to be effective in those venues while still utilizing the power of the London Daygame Model. By the time you finish it, you will be ready to walk around those venues with confidence that you know how to approach girls you like in a fun, socially calibrated way that both of you enjoy!

Is It Really Free?

This is the first book I have ever written, and I will be releasing it 100% free for the benefit of the community. It will likely be available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI versions so that you can even read it on your Kindle. It will be free and always will be! However, let’s say you read it, and use the information that you find in the guide useful and utilize it to get dates, lays and/or girlfriends! What if you want to thank me for writing it? Once again, the guide will be 100% free, always – but I will put up information (likely a Patreon account) where you can thank me for writing the guide if you so desire. I will also likely put up my Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses as well to enable those of you that want to thank me for writing the guide if they so desire. That way, I think it will be a win/win for everyone!

When Will The Guide Be Released?

I finished the first draft a few days ago, and it is currently ~15 thousand words. I sent it over to a few daygamers to review, and so far I have gotten good feedback and some improvement suggestions. Once I make the final edit after they finish their reviews, I will release it on my website for the general public to download and utilize. This will likely happen within the next two weeks. Once it is released, I would love to hear your feedback! Be patient and the guide will be released before you know it!

Guest Post: Brown Daygamer’s Second Lay Report!


I am excited to introduce the first ever guest post on my blog! It is somewhat fitting that it is by Brown Daygamer, as I had the pleasure to meet him when I was in NYC. I was impressed by his enthusiasm for daygame, and how much he enjoyed approaching and going after sets with a smile on his face. He is a guy with a great vibe, and it was great meeting him in person after we had talked on Twitter for a while before my trip to NYC. As you know if you follow him on Twitter, he recently got his second ever lay from daygame! He reached out to me asking if I could post his lay report on my blog as he doesn’t have one, and I was happy to oblige. Without further ado, I give you the juicy details below, in the words of the man himself (some formatting changes were made in the Midwest).

Brown Daygamer’s Lay Report

I want to share what I have been up to after my first lay from daygame all the way back in February 2020. As you may know, I got my first lay from daygame with a girl I approached in NYC in February 2020. Logistics wasn’t an issue as I pulled her back to her office straight from the first venue on a first date. My first lay came after about 120 lifetime approaches. After this lay I struggled a bit on getting some strong leads, I was getting phone numbers on and off but mostly they were flaking. Then COVID hit so I didn’t approach until May 2020. Then I started approaching again as restrictions in my state eased up. I should also note that I live in a suburb area so my only venues for daygame were parks, malls, and grocery shops. Majority of sets were in these venues, unless I traveled to NYC for some street game. I did more approaches in the past 3 -4 months during this summer than the approaches I did for little over 1 year since I learned daygame.  But why I want to bring this up to you is because I started doing close to 20-25 sets per week since the last 3 weeks before this new lay. I set this as a goal to get more volume and I know that game is played in the field. The field experience teaches you more than just reading theory. Although I do feel knowing the basic theory if daygame is important to be calibrated in the field. Since I don’t live in major tourist cities like NYC or London, I needed to get more sets in to see some results and also to evaluate my game. I saw significant improvement in my mindset, my game and the response I was getting from girls in the field after I started doing more sets per week. Before doing these many sets, I would over analyze my sets, texts, and interactions. By the 2nd week of approaching close to 25 sets per week, I was texting 4-5 girls at the same time, setting up multiple dates per week, of course I was not able to get every girl out on a date but it felt good to know I had option of texting multiple girls. For the first time in my life, I had 2 dates set up in a single week. Moving forward, I plan on keeping this as my goal to get at least 20 sets per week, I try to go out to game in my local mall at least 3 days per week then I do one off approaches when I go grocery shopping or running any errands. Also note that all of my sets since May 2020 have been with mask on unless it was outside in the park. 

OK, going back to the lay report. I went to my local mall on a Monday evening after work for my usual daygame session with a wing. The volume has been surprisingly good in the mall after COVID. Me and my wing had just finished approaching a hot Brazilian two set. The set was around 6-8 mins, I number closed the girl I was chatting with and the other girl declined number close from my wing. I felt good about this set but she replied to my feeler text and then never replied to my pings. As we were walking in the mall, I saw a cute girl rushing through us, she seemed to be in a hurry and had a pink jacket on with blonde hair. I let her pass by us and told my wing I gotta go approach this one. I stopped her and delivered my opener. She was caught off guard at first and was moving away as I was delivering my opener but then I stacked immediately on her pink jacket and she stopped. She didn’t give me much to work with after the stack she just said thank you, so I stacked again on her nationality and told her you look like you are from Poland. She said yes I am. Then I acknowledged the elephant in the room, I told her “You look nervous to talk to me right now”. She said “Yea I’ve never been approached like this before so I don’t know what to say”. To that I replied “OK, I know you are in a rush right now but some other time I would like to take you out for a drink. You look like you enjoy wine more than a beer.” She said “Yes, I like red wine”. So I number closed her, seeding the date that I know a nice place which serves good wine. She gave me her number and I continued my daygame session.

I sent her a text 2 hours later to which she responded positively, stating this only happens in movies and books not in real life. So I knew she was interested in this experience. Few texts back and forth and we agreed to meet on a Friday night.

First Date

I invited her to my regular venue that I take all my dates to near a college campus. There are many bars and restaurants there with a great vibe. Few minutes before the agreed time to meet, she texted me she may be 10 mins late as Uber is taking a long time to arrive. I was surprised to see that she was taking an Uber and not driving to the date venue as it was around 10 mins drive from where she lived and there are plenty of parking spaces near the bar. I thought OK if she has taken an Uber she plans to stay longer with me and possibly I can pull her. But of course I don’t have logistics to pull her so I thought I’ll see if I can pull her back to her place. Anyways back to the date, I ran a typical London style 2 venue date (thanks to Tom Torero for this date model). She was wearing a nice white crop top and jeans with heels on, had her make up and hair done very nicely as well. She looked even better than when I saw her in the mall. We sat on a bar stool side by side, typical chit chat for a few mins. She was a bit hesitant to my light touches in the first venue and her body language was leaning away from me. I bounced her to the second venue, I started talking about more fun topics, travels, adventures, parties, etc. She loosened up a bit but still her body language was moving away from me. I did more kino, hand holding, running my fingers through her hair etc. I attempted to kiss her but she declined, so I rolled back for a few mins. I went to the bathroom but before that I told her the classic Torero line “I am going to the bathroom but when I come back I am going to try to kiss you” to which she smiled and said NO. I came back from the bathroom and we chatted more for 30 mins with me initiating more kino and she was receptive. I seeded a pull back to hers noting that I have a nice bottle of wine in my car and I can show you some cool videos, to which she said yes.

I told her let’s get out of here and take a walk around the downtown. As we were walking I tried to hold her hand but she took her hand away after crossing the street, a few mins of walking I tried to kiss her 2nd time, she turned away her face. At this time we finished walking around and I offered to drop her off, seeding the wine and watching videos at her place again. She just complied and walked with me to the car. I parked in front of her house and told her OK let’s go up I have this bottle of wine. Then she hesitated and said no you can’t come up, I live with my parents. I tried to push again by saying let’s just have 1 drink and we’ll sneak in to which she replied no. I said well ok then I’ll see you next time. To which she replied, “yes if you text me and want to see me again”. I was kind of surprised by that I thought I made my intention clear that I like her but I think I came off as too playerish to her during the date with some DHV stories. I felt she wanted to make sure that I don’t just fuck her and dump her. That’s she probably didn’t kiss in date venue. I said “of course I want to see you again. I like your vibe and we should meet up again”. As soon as I finished my sentence, she grabbed me and started kissing me (with some tongue action as well). After 2 mins of making out, she said I’ll see you next time and got out of the car and I left. As soon as I reached home, I received a text from her “That was a nice evening, thank you”.

Second Date

I set up a 2nd with her exactly 1 week after the first date. She seemed eager over text to meet up again. I was debating between inviting her straight over to my place for drinks and a movie or take her to a bar then pull her back to my place. Note, my place meaning the Airbnb that I would rent out for 1 night to pull her back. I found a nice Airbnb near some bars and booked it for 1 night on the day of the date. To be on safe side and not escalate too much too soon, I invited her to a bar 10 mins near the Airbnb. She texted me 2 hours before the agreed time that she is stuck in the hair salon and may be late. So we postponed the date to an hour later than our decided time. I went to my Airbnb to set up a wine bottle, put down some condoms and set up music before the date. She showed up in a nice red dress with her hair done. I found out that she went to the hair salon straight from her work and then came from the hair salon straight to the date venue in her car (no Uber this time). We had a few drinks and I ran the question game going into some sexual topics. About 90 minutes into the date, I seeded the pull to which she just ignored without saying yes or no. So after a total of 2 hours, I told her let’s take a walk around the town. We walked and kissed more on the street, as we got close to my car I told her I have a nice bottle of wine and some cool videos (some music videos we discussed during the date) to show you. Let’s go have wine at my place and watch the videos. She said she was very tired today and doesn’t feel like coming tonight but next time for sure we can have drinks at your place. I pushed twice more but she didn’t agree. So we left after making out near my car.  

I felt I didn’t get her logistics right to understand if it would be feasible for her to come back to my place. She may have been tired as she had worked the whole day then went straight to the hair saloon for 3 hrs and came to the date. But of course if she really wanted to fuck she would’ve came back to my Airbnb. Well that goes one night’s rent of Airbnb for nothing. I guess that’s the price you pay for not having good logistics.

Third Date

Again she was very receptive over text and keen to meet up for a 3rd date. This time I invited her directly to my place (Airbnb) for a wine and a movie night. She agreed with the day and time I suggested. A day before the date, she texted me asking if I’ll be cooking her dinner as well. I didn’t want to bring all the ingredients to cook in an Airbnb so I told her we’ll order something. She arrived (in an Uber) to my place at the agreed upon time, not late this time. She brought a little gift of 6 macaroon for me from a European bakery. She was dressed nicely in a pink top, leather skirt and black stockings. I could see, she came ready to get fucked. We sat on my couch, ordered some food and started talking while I put some nice music videos on the TV. She was more relaxed this time and opened up more. I was stroking my hand on her thighs as we were chatting and pulling her to kiss a few times as we talked. The food arrived, we went to the dinner table and had dinner with some wine.

After dinner, we sat down on the sofa again and were watching some videos on YouTube. I was taking this slow as I wanted to make sure that I get this lay and don’t come off as needy. But it looked like she had different plans in mind. 2 mins after we sat on the sofa after dinner, she looked straight in my eyes as I was changing the videos on YouTube. I could see her lusty eyes and could tell she wanted to start making out, I grabbed her by her neck and started kissing her. I was still going slow during the kissing but she started using her tongue and jumped on my lap to make out. I start grabbing her tits as we were kissing and took off her top. No LMR. She had a nice black bra on and I started kissing her all over as she was grinding on me. I took off her bra and started sucking on her tits. She started moaning loudly so I carried her near to the dining table and pushed her against the wall. During the question game on the 2nd date, she did tell me that she likes to be dominated and her favorite part of her body is her boobs. So I gave her some compliments on her boobs as I was fondling and sucking on them. I grabbed her hands and turned her over against the wall, removed her leather skirt and she did have a matching panty on. I started spanking her ass as I knew she liked to be dominated. I spanked her ass until it turned slightly red and pulled her onto the dining table. I spread her legs and went down on her to lick her pussy. After few mins I carried her over to the bedroom for some more action. I started fingering her and she was moaning loudly. After around 30 mins of foreplay in total, I grabbed the condom from the box that I had deliberately put in the drawer next to the bed a few hours before she came over. I stood by the bed and turned her over to fuck her in the doggy style. I made sure to slap her ass few times and pull her hair as I was fucking her. The visual was very exciting so I came in the condom in about 5 mins. We cuddled after for few mins with some light massage. After few mins she said she had to go back as her parents would start calling her if its late. She ordered the Uber and off she went.

The one thing that this lay has taught me is the importance of LOGISTICS. I could’ve gotten this lay on the first date if I had my logistics right, she came prepared to have sex on the first date (hence she had taken Uber to get to the date venue) and she was the one who started making out with me at the end of the night after my 2 attempts to kiss her. Having good logistics is a key to getting more lays and I understand that by not having good logistics, I could lose more lays in future.

As of writing this lay report, I am at 437 lifetime approaches from daygame. I had planned to get to 500 approaches by end of the year but looks like I’ll be reaching that goal sooner than expected.

Daygame in NYC: A Review

“One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

NYC By The Numbers

This post will talk about my trip to NYC and my experience daygaming there, but I thought I would change things up a bit. Instead of writing up my experience and reflecting on it and then go into the stats, I will start with the numbers and then go into more detail in subsequent paragraphs. Without further ado, here are my stats:

  • Days in NYC: 8
  • Approaches: 76
  • Numbers: 14
  • Dates: 2 (here and here)
  • Near misses: 2 (see above)
  • Average age of the girls I went out with: 18.5
  • Honorable mentions: I do think only staying a week in NYC made it tougher on me, both on the dates I went, as well as not being able to get out some of the leads I had.
    • There was a black girl that I opened on Friday (I was leaving on Sunday) that was super cute, Breeze even commented he would have approached her if I didn’t go for it, and he usually doesn’t go for black girls! The set was on, and she was down for drinks on Saturday… except I was busy getting dinner with the guys during the time she mentioned and told her to meet me later, only to find out she had plans – but she did offer Monday or Tuesday night. If I had another week in NYC, I am very confident that would have been my third date out of the approaches I did
    • There was also a 28 year old slim Venezuelan girl I approached on Monday who loved the set but ended up being a bit flaky over WhatsApp (Latinas can be that way!) and I tried to get her out until the last minute, but unsuccessfully. With this one, it is likely that even with more time I wouldn’t have been able to get her out, but if I had more time and could afford to play it cooler who knows what would have happened?
    • There was also a smoking hot Puerto Rican brunette that gave me a huge IOI as I was walking to have dinner on Monday with Breeze, and the set was going great… until her Eastern European “friend” showed up as I was trying to close! I still closed like a boss anyway, but the energy changed at that second, I could feel it (if I had two minutes to close before he showed up, things would likely have been different, she was into me and I could tell). It was an interesting experience, but she never responded to the feeler
    • A 19 year old Mexican student who at first told me I was too old for her when I tried to close… then I closed anyway and she responded to my text straight away and even said at one point “yeah I wanna chill soon”, but she ended up being busy studying for exams during the week, and I tried to overhype the adventurous card and get her out. She was in play until the last night, but I couldn’t get her out. Not the strongest lead, but if I had more time and could play it cooler rather than trying to force getting her out, she might have came out as well (although I got a similar vibe from her as the 28 yr old Venezuelan above, so even if I had more time both might have still flaked anyway)

Every Beginning Is Hard

I was looking forward to my NYC trip – I had never been, and I was super excited to explore the city, feel its vibe, and of course hit the streets hard! Well, I think the fact that I was looking forward to it so much for the couple of weeks before the trip got to me and it even overwhelmed me a bit initially. On the Saturday of my arrival, I met up with Breeze and the Pickup Artist Formerly Known As Mr.V, and the three of us hit the mean streets of NYC. It was an interesting experience for me, and like I said, I got overwhelmed a bit – I hadn’t really done street daygame up to that point (besides some college campus game, but that feels a lot different), the streets were looking way more packed than anything I had seen here in the Midwest (it reminded me of Europe!), I had only done a handful of front stops in my daygame career and needed to work on my technique, and when one of the other guys was doing an approach I was so curious to watch them in set that I wasn’t actively looking for my own sets as much as I should have been. A bit later, Brown Daygamer joined us as well, and now there were 4 of us walking the streets. Breeze and V were super helpful in giving me feedback on my front stop after I did a couple of sets, and I knew what I needed to do. However, my mind was going crazy analyzing everything that was happening – new city, fuller streets (even though according to Breeze and V, not as many solo girls as usual on weekends), getting used to the front stop, getting used to having wings to watch/wait for as they game, getting used to spotting sets in the crowd, etc. All in all, by the time we all sat down for dinner, I had done a total of 3 sets, with no leads. After my high hopes for NYC, that definitely felt like a letdown! When I went back to my Airbnb, I knew I needed to do better, and I actually had trouble sleeping as my mind was analyzing the crazy amounts of information I had picked up daygaming in NYC. I also have to say – it was super cool daygaming with V, Breeze and Brown Daygamer (for the rest of the trip, I mostly daygamed with Breeze). Four people can feel like a lot when daygaming, especially to someone like me who is used to going at it alone, but we made it work, and I learned from each one of them, as they all had distinct styles and thoughts. Great guys with great vibe as well, that first day was a memorable experience for me!

On Sunday, I was about to meet with Breeze and V again for some daygame in Brooklyn, at a spot recommended to us by Brown. I was looking forward to hitting the streets hard, I knew I needed to do more sets and just go for it, and work on my front stop. I did a quick set in the morning, and then my fifth set of the trip ended up being the subway set with Julia, the teen model who ended up being my first date in NYC, and my first near miss that I have linked above. Sometimes, as long as you are out there taking action, things happen out of nowhere! After getting off the subway, I met with Breeze and V, and did a few sets in Brooklyn, without much traction. A Latina with super fit body was the most fun approach that I remember, she loved the set and was pretty flirtatious, but ended up having a boyfriend as I tried to work myself deeper into the set. I tried to override that objection (I usually don’t, but being in NYC for a week I said fuck it, let’s see what happens), but she told me she lives with him and it didn’t go anywhere, although both of us were still smiling and she touched my arm as she was talking about it. I even ended up doing a two set later on (something I rarely do), but that went nowhere. At the end of the day, I had done six approaches, so over the weekend I had done 9 approaches, a bit short of the goal I had in mind. I knew I needed to pick it up, but I didn’t see as many good sets as I would have liked. I knew I was getting into the groove of things, and Sunday was definitely better than Saturday, so I was super excited for Monday and seeing how I would be able to do alone (Breeze would join me for some sessions during the day later on, but not during the early parts of the week).

Hitting The Groove

On Monday morning, I went out of my apartment and I knew what I wanted to do: visit a couple of tourist sites early, and then later in the afternoon daygame into the evening as foot traffic picked up. I had set up a date with Julia for Tuesday afternoon, so my only lead was going well so far, now I needed to generate more. The first five sets went nowhere, and the last one of the five was my first NYC total blowout – a Chinese girl walked around my front stop without even looking at me, what a bitch! Of course, my vibe wasn’t really affected by it (I have gotten better at shaking those off from having done a decent amount of sets) and I even found it funny. I stopped by my apartment to drop the touristy things I had picked up, and it was now around 3 pm – I told myself it was prime time for daygame, and that I needed to go hit the streets and get me some leads!

As soon as I did that and stepped out of my apartment, my luck seemed to change – I got the number of a cute Dominican girl who hooked strongly, then a set with an Asian girl who loved the approach but had a bf, and then I stopped the Venezuelan girl I mentioned above. A couple of numbers in quick succession, and suddenly I was into the groove – I was actively looking for more sets, I had gotten the hang of this NYC place now! My front stop felt better, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the mean streets of New York anymore, I was a man on a mission and I knew it. My 500th daygame set happened as well, and it was a very fun, flirty one – it was with a small Asian girl, I teased her about being a ninja and she loved the roleplay, contributing to it and even bringing back a reference to it later in the set! Sexual eye contact was there, she even pulled her mask down for me – so when I number closed her by seeding we get a drink together soon, I thought it was a guaranteed lay, right? So I texted her later that night… and she never responded to my feeler text! That’s how the game goes sometimes, you could have a set that feels on… and then you send a text into the void.

I got an IOI off a slim Kazakh short girl, and the set was super on until I tried to number close, so the set ended in an interesting way with me persisting to close her, but that didn’t feel too good – her English was bad so I wasn’t sure what exactly her resistance to me taking her number was, but it was an interesting set, and despite the IOI and the good work I had done in set, I felt like the number was dead, and it ended up being no good. I did a few more sets, and then on the way to dinner with Breeze I did my last set of the day, with the Puerto Rican girl I wrote about above. She might have been the hottest girl I had opened while in NYC, and she also gave me a huge IOI as she stood there, and the set was super sexual and flirty…until her “friend” showed up. Writing about it now, it has taken me back to the set and how good it all felt, and how weird it felt once her friend showed up. I am very happy with the way I held frame and handled the situation, but the feeling of practically knowing that I lost a hot lead due to her friend showing up then and not 2 minutes later wasn’t the best if I am being honest. That’s the breaks of daygame though – I even joked to her about her waiting for a Tinder date earlier on in the set before he showed up, and she said “Oh no, I am just waiting for my friend” I had a feeling based on how she reacted and her mood changed as soon as he showed up that they were a bit more than that, but girls are gonna be girls!

That was a wrap for Monday – I had done 18 approaches, and after the initial 5 where I had gotten no numbers, I ended with 5 numbers, some of them more solid than others. I felt great – I had proven to myself that the initial feeling of being overwhelmed was gone, and my mind was finally able to get used to NYC and its streets. I had been able to improve my game with each set, and walk with confidence knowing that while daygaming indoors is different from street daygame, the transition can be quick once you make the adjustments and process all the information your brain sees on the mean, crowded streets of NYC. I went to bed happy that night, knowing that I gave it my all, my vibe was good, and I was happy but surprised at the amount of IOIs I had gotten that day, some of them from super hot girls.

Tuesday was when my date with Julia was going to be, and it also ended up being the day when I approached Amy, my two dates and near misses, so it was one of the better days I would end up having in NYC! Of course, I also had to hit the streets, and interestingly enough, Amy was my fifth approach of the day and my first number – just like Monday, the girls I approached at first were either not interested or unavailable. Maybe some of it was due to the fact that I had to warm up and get in the zone as well – here in the Midwest, I rarely do days where I can get 5+ approaches due to the volume, but being in a city where that is possible, I definitely felt the rising confidence and DGAF attitude that comes from going for a lot of approaches during a single day. The 19 yr old Mexican girl was also a lead from Tuesday, as well as a Russian girl who loved my approach and we had a good interaction in set where she offered me her number, and while we did exchange some texts back and forth, she went radio silent as soon as I suggested a date. Overall, Tuesday ended with 12 sets and 3 numbers, not as many sets as Monday but the numbers ended up being a bit more solid, and I had done 30 sets over 2 days! (The most I had done in a week in the Midwest prior to my NYC trip was 22, and that was an outlier, so I was loving the volume!)

Winged Daygame

Wednesday was the first weekday where I daygamed with Breeze, as we wanted to hit the streets together for the remaining time I had in NYC. We ended up getting along super well and being good wings for each other, keeping our vibe up and encouraging each other to go for girls when we were on the fence – all while exploring NYC! Before my trip, I had heard that NYC daygame can be brutal and wear players out with a lot of blowouts, and girls walking away right after the opener, making conversation hard to get. Up until this point, with the exception of a few sets, I had experienced something different – lots of volume even during Corona, with a couple of leads generated in the first few days, and streets that seemed to be full of excitement. Was it the fact that I was shiny in NYC? Perhaps – while Breeze and I were picking up smoothies on one of the days, I had an older slimmer girl basically daygame me because she heard Breeze and I talk, and she liked my accent. If she was a bit younger and cuter I would have taken her number, but that felt good. I also got called some variation of handsome or good-looking every day by a girl or two while in set (or on the dates), and even though sometimes they had boyfriends and I didn’t close them, it still felt good – I was getting much better results than I usually do in the Midwest. Perhaps it was the fact that I was finally doing street game, which is what the London Daygame Model was invented for, so the daygame Gods were being super nice to me? I am not sure what it was, but I loved NYC and daygaming there!

Wednesday was also a good day for me – 10 approaches with 2 numbers. My front stop was feeling much better with all the practice I was getting, although I noticed I didn’t fully unpack topics in set sometimes, moving around too much too quickly. It wasn’t too big of a deal as I was still getting leads and eye sparkle, but it was something I had noticed I could improve to take my game to the next level. For the first five days, I had done 49 approaches, with 11 numbers coming out of them, and I was loving the volume and the opportunity NYC had to offer me. I also loved the food options and how you could walk everywhere, even if I didn’t go there for daygame I felt like I would have loved NYC, as it is the most European-like city on this side of the ocean in my opinion.

Thursday was the first day where I got the rough NYC daygame experience, and the second day I daygamed with Breeze during the week. We had a lot of fun, despite the fact that I did 12 approaches and got…. 0 numbers! Up until that point, I had done much better than my average, and closed almost every fourth girl, seeing a lot of IOIs, and getting a lot of investment from girls when I opened – even the ones that weren’t interested seemed to love the fact that I approached them. Thursday was different – way less interest, way less hooks, and no numbers as mentioned. I am definitely blaming the shirt I was wearing that day, it was obviously the reason for my diminished results! A highlight of Thursday was probably a girl with HUGE tits (likely fake) that I noticed seating on a bench, I told Breeze I had to do that set and he agreed. The vibe of the set was flirtatious as I noticed her looking my way a couple of times before I approached her, and she loved the approach but did mention she lives with her fiance “right there” and pointed the skyscraper across from us, “so I am just chilling in my backyard” she said with a smile. Her fiance is probably loaded!

After a few more blowouts, I did get a good set with a brunette, and she was one of the cuter girls that I approached that day too – she mentioned her bf, but told me she finds me “cute” and she would if she was single. The vibe was good and eye contact was there, so I stuck around for a bit more and tried again, but it didn’t go anywhere, despite her obvious attraction to me. It picked up my vibe a bit, as some of the blowouts and the day generally being way less successful than the previous days got my head scratching a bit, but looking back on it, my game was still improving, I just ran into a lot of unreceptive girls on that day!

Friday was the day that I had my second date and second near miss with Amy, and also my second to last day daygaming in NYC, and I had just started to realize that my trip was going to come to its end soon, which I hadn’t thought about up until now. I had fallen in love with NYC, its vibe, and how much volume of girls its streets provided, so I wanted to milk it for all its worth (probably one of the reasons I pushed too hard with Amy). Friday ended up being a lot better than Thursday, with girls loving the approaches and even ones who had a bf or otherwise weren’t interested engaging and enjoying my approach. I got 3 numbers out of 9 approaches, and the last one was the black girl I mentioned in the opening section – she was down to meet the next day, but given the fact that I was leaving and meeting up with the guys, it didn’t happen, despite her suggesting meeting the week after. She also texted me the Sunday when I was leaving curious where I was going back to and when I would come back to NYC again, so it is safe to say she was a strong “Yes” girl, but it wasn’t meant to be! I also was happy with how my vibe recovered after the second near miss in a few days, and by the end of the day I had hit a stride where my approaches were very good. Breeze definitely helped me in the beginning, and talking him over what had happened definitely helped me pour my thoughts out and focus on having more, successful approaches once again, rather than focusing and overanalyzing the date I had just had.

Saturday was going to be my last day in NYC, and I wanted to make it count while having fun and enjoying myself! I met up with V and Breeze, and Breeze actually ended up going on an instadate shortly into the approach session! Meanwhile, my Saturday was a lot like the Thursday – I did 6 sets as volume again wasn’t the best (I had better luck finding solo girls during the week compared to the weekend) and got zero numbers once again. My best set was probably with a sexy Colombian who gave me an IOI as I walked by, and she opened up right away, loving that I approached her. However, she brought up the fact that she was engaged after a couple of minutes, so I let her go after that. Other than that, most of the sets were quick blowouts, and I finished it up with a smile on my face! After the approaching session, I had dinner with V, Breeze and Magnum. If you haven’t checked out his blog, give it a shot now – he is a very solid guy and knows what he is doing! I enjoyed sharing stories with all of them and learning from them, having fun on my last night in NYC. While the week hadn’t gone too fast and I had enough experiences to enjoy it and learn from it, I wished I could stay for another week, but all good things must come to an end! I left NYC early the next day, driving back to the Midwest (not before I stopped in Philly to meet up with Cypher though!)

General Thoughts on NYC Daygame

If I have to sum up my thoughts on daygame in NYC, I will first and foremost say this: if you are in America and trying to learn daygame, it doesn’t get much better than NYC! Even during these Corona times, there was plenty of volume on the streets, as can be seen from my 76 approaches over 8 days (an average of ~10 approaches per day). I did feel like the quality wasn’t what I expected from NYC, but Breeze and V both told me “You should have seen it before all of this happened!” – way more traffic, and of course higher quality and quantity of girls. I feel like I could have likely done 15-20 sets a day during normal times in NYC, but for someone who is used to doing an average of 5-10 sets per week here in the Midwest, having the ability to do so many sets in a week was a great learning experience. I realized that living in such a city would give me the opportunity to become a much better daygamer way quicker, while also getting more leads and results.

Of course, there were some blowouts too, and NYC can be a rough place to daygame at times, with most approaches leading to nowhere. I think if you are in America, it is the best place to learn daygame, as the volume mentioned above can be combined with the solid frame you build as girls just walk around you as you try to stop them – if that doesn’t get you tougher, nothing will! I remember one girl looked at me briefly as I stopped her, said “I am not interested in talking to strange men!” and walked away – I laughed as I walked back to V to tell him what had just happened, and I have a smile on my face as I am recalling that story right now. The general NYC/East Coast behavior means that some girls will ignore you like you are not even there, but on the plus side I did find out that if a set hooked, the girl loved the approach and it was easy to make progress. NYC is the most pedestrian out of any US city, making it the best place in the US of A (very nice, Borat like- high five!) to practice and learn street daygame.

Of course, we have to ask the question: how does NYC daygame compare to Europe? I haven’t done enough daygame in my home continent yet (I will try to change that over the next few years) to answer that question comprehensively, but just being raised in Eastern Europe, I could tell you that the average quality of girls is much higher, which should lead to a guy with roughly similar skillset doing better in Europe. There have been other daygamers who have been able to confirm that empirically, and they agree: Europe is better for daygame, for a variety of reasons. Read Roy and Runner‘s reviews of NYC as it compares to daygaming in Europe.

In summary, if you are located in America, then a place like New York is likely your best bet for consistent numbers of solid sets for daygame, as most other places just aren’t pedestrian enough to give you enough leads per hour. I did find Philly to be decent enough when I met up with Cypher, but of course not on par with NYC. Some places like LA could work for beach/mall game (Santa Monica) from what I read, and the strip in Vegas could give you some great opportunities for gutter game turning into night game, with decent logistics as well. I haven’t been to LA/Vegas to give you my take on it, but based on how NYC is setup, I do believe it is your best option for learning and improving your daygame skillset. Is it as good as most larger European cities though? As you can read above from daygamers who have done both, it is not even close – but beggars can’t be choosers, so if you have to be on this side of the ocean for work/family/whatever, then try to make it to NYC if you are serious about your daygame. I can tell you from experience – daygaming in the Midwest now after experiencing NYC feels like a huge letdown!

I had a lot of fun in NYC, and I would love to go back again once the city is back to its vibrant self. Right now though, my main goal is making it back to Europe next year once some of the restrictions are lifted, and spending some more time over there. This is my last blog post detailing my experience daygaming in NYC, I will be focusing on something a bit different over the next few weeks which I hope the daygame community will find useful. Stay tuned to my blog and my Twitter and you will see what I am talking about once I am finished!

Daygame in NYC: Near Miss With an Asian NYU Student

“London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.”

Dorothy Parker


In this post, I will talk about my second date (and what ended up being my second near miss) during my week of daygame in NYC. As you know if you had read my previous blog post, I had a date with a nineteen year old teen model named Julia who had just moved to the city, and had a near miss when I bounced her back to my Airbnb. I did mention in that post that a few hours before our date, as I was scouting the area around the park where I was meeting Julia, I did another approach that ultimately resulted in the story I will tell in this blog post. I will talk about the approach, the texting that ultimately led to the date, the date itself, the bounce back to my Airbnb, and why this was a near miss. My mistakes here were a bit more obvious, so it will be easier to analyze, and it was easier for me to learn from this one than from the near miss with Julia (it is likely that I played my cards correctly with Julia, even though I like to reflect back and think that I can always improve, even if I run solid game for the most part). However, I definitely made a few mistakes towards the end here, and part of that was due to the fact I was going to be leaving town in a couple of days, so I had to go for broke. Even so, there were a few things I believe I could have improved now that I had a chance to reflect back on this girl and how the date went. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

The Approach

It was Tuesday, my fourth day in NYC and I was out and approaching girls, while at the same time keeping up with the leads I had acquired so far. I had just confirmed my date for that night with Julia for that night, and I was walking around the park where we would meet for our date to ensure I knew the surrounding area for a store that had drinks we could pick up before I took her to the park so we could talk. I had done a few sets already, some were decent but no good leads yet, and I had just done a set at the park which ended up being a bad one – I got distracted by some skaters as I was opening a girl that was seated, and that caused my voice to be shaky and I didn’t project it. The girl ignored me at first, and I did try again but that didn’t help, so I learned my lesson and I walked away just like that. I definitely had a better time approaching girls as they were walking around and going in and out of the park than I did approaching seated sets in that park, it felt more comfortable and natural to do.

As I was walking out of the park on my way to the store next door to scout it out, I noticed Amy. She was a short Chinese brunette with good curvy body for her size, and even though I don’t usually go for Asian girls too often, I had to go for this one. I stopped her right as she walked past the store I would hit up later with Julia, and I could tell initially my approach shocked her a bit and took her out of whatever she was thinking, but then her face quickly turned into a smile, and I could tell she seemed to like me. Amy was 18 years old, a student at NYU from China. Her English was pretty good, and she seemed witty while still being shy, which I found very cute. She took my teases well and answered them in a good way, and the vibe of the set was very good, I could tell this would likely lead somewhere (she also took her mask off for me after a bit, also a great sign). I spiked it sexually by teasing her about having secrets since her parents are so far away and she was all alone here in NYC, to which she responded “Don’t we all?” with a mischievous smile. Well played, Amy, well played!

Since the set was going super well and she told me it was her off day and she wasn’t doing anything besides going to grab a quick bite to eat, I had a decision to make, and I had to make it quickly. Do I go for the instadate with Amy, since the set was super on, thus risking running close to my date with Julia? Or do I settle for the number here, get Amy out on another day, and then focus on doing more approaches and then meeting Julia? I quickly settled on just grabbing Amy’s number and focusing my attention on the date with Julia, as Julia was a model and thus a bit more attractive than Amy in my mind (although Amy was also very good looking, I must say). I was wondering if I made the right move as I walked away – what if it was one of those sets that had lots of sexual energy… and then I would text her and she wouldn’t respond? Should I have just taken her on an instadate (which she seemed down for) and cut it short? My mind wondered, but I texted Amy later that night after Julia left my place (along with the other leads I got before my date with Julia – an Ukrainian brunette and a Mexican teen student) and she responded to my message almost right away. Since she was responding so well, I pitched a date for the next day since I was only in town for a few more days, and she seemed receptive, even suggesting a place where we could grab a tea. When I mentioned a time though, she told me she had a class then, so after a bit of back and forth we settled on Friday early afternoon. I was going to leave on Sunday morning, thus knowing that I would likely only have one shot of escalating with Amy to pull her back to my place and make things happen. I was looking forward to the escalation challenge, having learned some lessons from my time with Julia.

The Date

I was with Breeze earlier that Friday, exploring the fine NYC museums (I know what you are probably thinking: daygamers have hobbies besides picking up chicks???) and I told him my intentions – escalate on the date as quickly as I can, and if I get green lights bounce Amy back to my place and seeing if I can make it happen. If not, I told him, I would meet him after the date so we can do some more approaches that Friday night. I only had one week in NYC, and I didn’t want to waste a minute of it, which would end up hurting me on this particular date. I am getting ahead of myself, though!

I made my way over to the park, and a few minutes later Amy showed up wearing a black shirt, short black skirt, and heels (as well as a choker). She looked great – and I could tell she was definitely dressed to impress on our date, a great sign right off the bat! We started walking towards the place we would pick up tea from, and I made sure to go into comfort chit chat, asking her about her classes. She told me she had finished her last class (another good sign), and I told her she now could relax and enjoy her Friday. We kept talking about how she came to America, how she liked China, etc. and I was keeping the vibe up with teases from time to time. As we picked up our tea, we started walking back to the park, and I made sure to lead in choosing where to sit, jokingly rejecting a few benches for obviously weird reasons (“the old couple next to that bench looks TOO relaxed, maybe they smoked something on the way here”) which made Amy laugh and showed that I was enjoying myself and having fun. I finally chose a good bench, and we sat next to each other.

I again started to ramp up the spontaneous element of a big city after a bit, telling Amy how cool it is to meet new people and make memories with them, and overplaying our cultural differences as a sign of attraction. I also made sure to escalate with kino, and she was very receptive as I made my way to putting my hand on her thigh for a few seconds. It was going well – and she kept great eye contact, as I tried to eyefuck her while I was talking. She looked down a few times shyly with a smile, and I had a good feeling about it. As we finished up our teas, I made sure she didn’t have anything going on in the afternoon, and it all sounded good. I told her we could go for a walk and I would show her the neighborhood I was staying at – no objections from her, so I walked her over that way. On the way, I made sure to sexualize with words as well – she told me how she had a boyfriend in middle school that she had to keep secret due to the culture, and I teased her about being a bad girl. She also told me that last year she saw a man masturbate at the park (gotta love NYC!) and I teased her she probably liked it while she hit me on the arm. This felt on, even though it didn’t feel as on as it had felt with Julia at that point. Nevertheless, there were no objections from Amy as I walked her towards my place and told her I would show her around and I wanted to drop off a magnet I had picked up at the museum.

I could tell she felt a bit nervous as she walked in my apartment, and I gave her the quick tour (those NYC apartments are small). A part of me wanted to get the lay so I could go back on the street and make use of my time in NYC, which likely ended up being a mistake on my part. I didn’t take enough time to make Amy feel comfortable at my place. I started to escalate things sexually too quickly, and she did tell me she liked being choked when I asked what she liked during sex. We made out shortly after we sat on my couch, and after a while I ended up pulling her shirt up and sucking on her nipples a bit. The sexual attraction was definitely on, but something felt off – I should have stopped there and talked for a few minutes more (or ideally done that as we were in my place, and not went for the lay so quickly). But I didn’t – in my mind, I didn’t wanna waste time, and I wanted to see if I would get the lay or not. After a bit of making out, Amy rolled off me for a bit, and told me she had to go meet a friend. I knew at that point I had escalated too much too quickly, and despite her being a yes girl who was into me, I likely burned this set to the ground before I got laid. I tried to persist and act cool anyway, but I could tell it wasn’t going to happen at this point. I realized my mistake here, but I was in town for only a couple more days, so I persisted a bit more, much more that I would have normally. It didn’t lead anywhere, and I walked Amy down the stairs. Vibe was completely different than it was with Julia, although it wasn’t that bad. I made sure to mention hanging out again, and she seemed to agree, although both of us knew that would never happen. We made out outside my apartment as we were outside, and I let her go. I never saw her again!

Lessons Learned

  • You can mess things up even with yes girls – Amy was definitely a yes girl, I could tell by the way she looked at me right after the shock of my approach. The eye contact, the sexual talk, the touches, what she wore for the date – everything suggested she liked me and would have fucked me had I played my cards right. And I did… up until I bounced her back to my place. I didn’t give her enough time to feel comfortable at my place, and I escalated too quickly, showing neediness. Why did I show neediness? I didn’t wanna waste my time – in my mind, if I spent 3-4 hours with her, that was time I wouldn’t have to approach, and I only had one more day in the city. If I had another week in NYC, I likely would have done it differently, but that is not an excuse. I was too set to going for the quick lay rather than using calibration, which would have told me that she needed a bit more time at my place to feel comfortable, even if she was into me. It was painful to have two girls bounced back to my place in three days, getting sexual with them, and having two near misses, but that’s the game sometimes! That had never happened to me up until this point (usually if a girl gets back to my place, we have sex). However, those two near misses I have learned a lot from over the last few weeks, and I have thought about them a lot. There is a silver lining to everything, you just have to find it.
  • Logistics are huge – my Airbnb was centrally located, and as such, it was laughably easy to just walk girls towards it on our date, and then mention “I live right here btw. I will show you” and then both girls came back without saying anything, just like that. Living in the Midwest suburbs for a few years now, I loved how easy all of that was – so many bars and restaurants around the area too, making it easy to have the last drink super close to my place if I was staying longer on other dates. Good logistics can definitely be the difference between bouncing a girl back to your place on the first date and never seeing her again
  • Daygame works best in huge cities – I can’t believe how many leads I got in just a week of approaching in NYC. The number of approaches I did was great, too – something that is impossible to do here in the Midwest. I will write up more about this in the overall NYC daygame post that will be coming soon, but if you are serious about daygame, you need to move to a pedestrian city like NYC, London, Prague, Moscow, Warsaw, etc. And for those of you that are daygaming in non-pedestrian cities like I am, I will have a surprise for you in the next few weeks that should make it easy to get started (or get better at approaching girls in non-street venues). Stay tuned for my next post on my overall thoughts about daygaming in NYC, as well as for the surprise!

Daygame in NYC: Near Miss With a Teen Model

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”

Tom Wolfe


As you know if you follow me on Twitter, I spent some time in NYC recently. I had planned to visit earlier in the year, around May, but the lockdown prevented that from happening. I had wanted to visit NYC for two reasons: I was always curious to see the city itself, as I had heard great things about it, and is what you could consider the most European city on this side of the ocean. The second reason, of course, was daygame – I started my daygame journey in the Midwest and had done most of my sets in places like malls, grocery stores, department stores, and some on college campuses. I had always wanted, however, to try my game in a pedestrian city to experience what high foot traffic is like, as well as give me the opportunity to improve my front stop. I will write more about my overall experience in a later blog post, as I had a lot of fun in NYC, and a lot of good stories to tell. In this story, however, I will focus on an unusual approach of a girl that ended up being a nineteen year old model, and talk about my experiences and what I learned from meeting her.

The Unusual Approach

It was my second day in NYC. I have to admit, the first day was a bit overwhelming for me – I will go into more detail once I write up a blog post on my overall experience daygaming in NYC (coming soon), but daygaming only on the street, perfecting my front stop and approaching in a new, larger city with a lot more foot traffic than I am used to were some of the reasons why it took me a bit of time to get used to all of it. I had done four sets since my arrival in NYC, and after meeting up with an old friend who lives around I was about to meet up for another daygame session with Breeze and the pickup artist formerly known as Mr.V.

It was my first time in NYC, and I walked down to the subway station to catch my train. As it was my first using the subway in NYC, I was naturally questioning whether I am at the right one or not, and was looking at my phone to double check, with thoughts on the back of my mind around asking for help to ensure I get on the right train. That’s when I saw Julia – she was a slim brunette with darker skin and what seemed to be a good rack for a girl her size. I was attracted to her instantly – my first thought was that she could help me get on the right train, while immediately after my second thought was that I should approach her.

Despite this being an unusual spot to approach for me and given that I was still getting used to approaching in NYC, I have to say I am proud that I felt no hesitation whatsoever while walking towards Julia and saying the first thing on my mind, which was that I wasn’t sure if I was at the right spot to catch my train or not. She made eye contact as I was walking towards her, and she stood up as I showed her my phone and asked her if she knew I was at the right spot or not. She grabbed my phone pretty quickly, which my mind later thought was a good sign, given that she was comfortable coming close to me as we talked about the directions. She told me she had just moved to NYC yesterday and she wasn’t too sure, but thought this was the right train – and I told her I just got here yesterday too, so we had that in common. She seemed to like that fact, and I teased her that she should help me make sure I got on the right train. I then had to show some intent, so on top of holding strong eye contact and sitting right next to her, I told her I found her attractive and liked her style, while teasing her about her outfit a bit. She lit up and started to qualify herself a bit – told me she is a model right away, and I teased her about walking the catwalk. I introduced some touch as the train was taking forever, and she took touches well on the shoulder and then on the thigh, while eye contact was still pretty strong – things were going well, despite the unusual approach. She later told me she is still 19 and wants to make it big in NYC, which is why she had moved here – to pursue her fashion passion. She was talking a lot – telling me about other stuff she likes such as dancing and writing, while I was directing the convo. I told her that it is a small world given that both of us got here the day before, and played up the fun and spontaneous factor of meeting random people with which you have a connection. She seemed to love that, and I did mention catching up over a drink in the park to share our NYC experiences when we meet again. Julia was keen so I grabbed her number right there, while we sat together at the station.

We got on the subway together, and I teased her that she is responsible for me meeting my friends and not getting lost on my second day in NYC. I also made sure to weave in some DHV stories, like telling her about London when she said she would love to model there after a year or so in NYC. She kept talking a lot and fast, which was a good sign, and I kept directing the convo in ways that showed off the spontaneous and fun aspect of two strangers new to NYC meeting each other, and how it must be fate. I also ensured I did light kino and touched her thigh a few more times, with her again taking that very well. As she told me I have to take the next stop, I seeded the date idea once again – going to the park together and sharing a drink while each of us tells stories about NYC and what we had explored. Then I got off the subway to meetup with Breeze and V, realizing the fact that this was in some ways like an instadate, and I had spent maybe 30 mins with Julia. I had a good feeling about this one as I was telling them the story of how I met her, and how unusual that approach ended up being. I also thought to myself that if I didn’t do daygame, I would have likely not pursued her as much as I did, and I wouldn’t have realized she was interested in me and liked me. Lesson in there: even if you approach in unusual circumstances in an indirect way, if your game is good enough, you can realize that the opportunity is there for the taking and pursue it further. Viva daygame!

The Date

I pinged Julia that same night after I got home and she was very responsive over text, replying quickly to my messages. After about 3-4 texts back and forth, I told her to meet me for a drink, and she agreed to meet on Tuesday night, two days after meeting her on Sunday at the subway station. She sent me a text she would be half an hour late a couple of hours before the date, and I made sure to tease her for it over text, ensuring I keep the vibe playful.

I was out and about in NYC that day before the date, ensuring I got more approaches done to get more leads, as I was only staying for a little over a week. I made sure to walk by the park we were meeting at, scope out the stores around it, and found one right next to the park where we could grab drinks before walking over to the park and sharing the drinks there while we had our date. It is super important that as a man, you always move things forward confidently, and doing this research before the date helped me lead her there naturally later when we met up. An added bonus: I actually approached an eighteen year old student right in front of that store and I felt like she would have been down to go on an instadate, but I had to take her number, as I wanted to approach more and also didn’t wanna run too close to my date with Julia .

I made my way over to the park, running a few minutes late as I usually do when I go on dates. Julia texted me to let me know she is running a bit behind, but she got there a few minutes after I did. As we met up I gave her a hug and teased her about being late again, setting a playful vibe to the interaction. “But I am only 16 minutes late, that’s not a lot!” she protested. “Maybe where you come from, but 16 minutes is a lot here in NYC.” I said, as both of us smiled. Then I lead her to the nearby store, giving her the task to help me choose a drink for both of us. She wasn’t helping much so I had to take charge and grab something of my choosing, and we made it over to the park, where we sat on a bench as we started talking and drinking.

The date was a lot of fun, and we actually had a lot in common. I made sure to overhype the spontaneous element – how we met, how both of us are new to NYC, how it is good for people to go with the flow and enjoy themselves, etc. Julia was eating all of it right up, opening up even more to me in the process – telling me how her family is the exact opposite way, how strict they are compared to how open and go with the flow she is, how that was one of the reasons she wanted to move away to NYC. I made sure to run the usual kino, and she was receptive to all my touches, as well as keeping strong eye contact and responding well to my teases. The date was going super well, and as we talked, we kept drinking and talking about our experiences, NYC, traveling, ambitions, and such. As we were finishing up our drinks, I knew it was time to move things forward.

The Bounce

I made sure to get Julia’s logistics, and she said she had to do something with her roommate later, but had a bit more time. Since the date was going well, I offered to show her around the neighborhood I was staying at, and she was keen. We kept talking while we walked towards my Airbnb, and I slowly started to weave in sexual references in our chat, which went well, with her contributing to the conversation and sharing some stories as well. We were about 5 mins away from my place when I was talking about apartments in NYC and Julia said “Do you have a good view?” and I of course said “You can find out for yourself!” Sometimes, it is that easy to bounce a girl back to your place, given that the date is going well. We kept talking for a few more minutes as we walked towards my place, then I told her we had arrived and told her we can hang out there for a bit and that I would show her the view. Zero objections as we went up the stairs and to my Airbnb. Good game and good escalation on my part up until that point, and a fun date for both of us.

I gave Julia some time to get used to the apartment as I showed her around the small NYC apartment, and she commented her apartment was similar size, and we both laughed at how small apartments in a city like NYC can be. Looking back on this moment, I probably didn’t give Julia as much time to get used to the apartment as I thought. We sat on the couch, and we talked a bit as I started to escalate things. I asked Julia what she liked about me at one point in the process – “I liked your vibe and adventurous spirit, which I share. If I am being honest, I also thought you were good-looking!” I could tell she found me attractive by different actions on her part, but it was good to get that confirmed. We started making out, and shortly after I had her on top of me, as she was riding me through our clothes as I was feeling up her body. She went off after a bit, saying “Not tonight” with a mischievous smile. I knew what that meant, and so I went back to talking for a few minutes. I was going to be in NYC for about a week, and I think that fact made me a bit more eager than I should have been when I had girls on my couch, but I will talk about that in detail in my later post about NYC daygame. Shortly after, Julia and I were making out again, and this time I pulled her shirt up and sucked on her surprisingly large tits for her size. She moaned a bit, but after a while she again stepped aside and told me “Next time” while I took it with a smile and went back to chatting again. We did this a couple of more times, and I kept making progress each time, almost undressing her the last time when she rolled off again. I hadn’t experienced something like this in a while, so after a few times I just told myself that’s enough for tonight, I will try again next time if I can get her out. Some girls won’t have sex on the first date even if they like you, but I think I didn’t give Julia enough time before the first time I started to escalate, and also in between separate escalation attempts. I was a bit overeager at times to start the process since it felt so on, and she kept very strong eye contact as we talked, which was very sexual.

After chatting a bit, she told me that she had to go and help her roommate, which she had mentioned in the park as well. She also told me she had travelled 45-50 mins to see me as she showed me her way back via the subway when I teased her not to get lost. That surprised me a bit, I thought she lived closer, but also told me things were on, and if I changed a few things I possibly could have turned the near miss to a lay. I walked Julia out while suggesting another meetup to explore NYC, and she seemed keen to do that later, as her modeling job wouldn’t start for another month or so. We made out as I let her go towards her subway stop. She responded right away as I sent her another message, but then ignored the first date request, then pinged me later and seemed keen to meet again, but the second date request also didn’t go anywhere as I told her I was leaving town in a couple of days. Could I have gotten her out again if I had more time in NYC? Who knows, maybe I would have been able to do that and gotten the lay, but I still enjoyed how fast I was able to make things happen, and the experience was fun – two people, new to NYC who were attracted to each other met after 3 days in the big city, and enjoyed each other’s company. I also hadn’t experienced LMR like that one for quite some time, and I think some of my reaction to it wasn’t the best, I wasn’t cool enough. You live and you learn! Next day, I hit the streets again, generating new leads and having fun.

Lessons Learned

  • Daygame can help in any situation – here I was, thinking about getting on the subway when I met Julia. Before I daygamed seriously and approached regularly, I would have asked her for directions, but then I would have thought she was being nice and likely wouldn’t have had the confidence of pursuing such a beautiful girl. Now, however? I knew I had to shoot my shot and grabbed her number, then got her out on a date and back to my place, and was very close to having sex with her as our mutual attraction was evident. Being able to meet women anywhere, anytime is a big appeal to good daygame, and I am happy to say that I was able to do that on my second game in NYC, despite this being a little bit of an unexpected opportunity
  • You can escalate too fast – a few years ago, I was more scared anytime I had to make a move and kiss a girl, or otherwise put my balls on the line. I would do it anyway most of the time, but it would make me nervous. Now that I have more experience however, I feel no hesitation in making moves and seeing where I stand. In fact, on my trip to NYC I was perhaps moving things too quickly! Of course, that was due to the fact that I was only there for a week, and I wanted to make things happen. I have to say that fast escalation is something that every player should be capable of, but also calibration is important – sometimes it’s good to chill out more and give girls time. I could have let Julia feel more comfortable in my Airbnb before making my first move, and just dragged out the seduction dance more. Of course, all of that could have led to the same outcome, but I am always looking to improve my game, and I believe that could have made the small difference between a near miss and the lay
  • Always lead forward confidently- I didn’t know NYC, so I had to stop by the park before the date and find out where a store was. Why? So on the date, I could lead Julia there with full confidence and no hesitation. What would I have done if I didn’t do that? I would have struggled to find a store, would have had to look on my phone, and that would have taken her focus away from fun onto how it took me time to figure things out, and attraction would have dwindled. I avoided all of that by being ready and prepared. And I also met a NYU student I would end up going on a date with later on the week as I was scouting the area too, you can’t beat that! Stay tuned for a blog post about her as well
  • NYC is likely the best city for daygame in the US – Even during Corona times, there is so much volume of girls in NYC! I could step out of my apartment and sometimes see a cute girl within a minute! And as mentioned above, I met girls whom I had near misses with in situations which just don’t happen often in the Midwest, where you have to drive anywhere. Given how pedestrian NYC is, it’s an awesome place to get a lot of volume and learn good daygame, even if girls aren’t as hot and receptive as in Europe. Speaking of NYC daygame, stay tuned – I will write a blog post about my overall experience and learnings from my week in NYC soon. Until next time!

July Field Report: Instadate with Thicc African

“Freedom lies in being bold”

Robert Frost


I had came back from down South and been to my city in the Midwest for over a month in July, and daygame was very dismal – I had only been able to get maybe 15 sets the entire month. I had also tried nightgame a few times with a couple of wings, and the bars were also 50-70% emptier than they were before Corona. Obviously not a great time to be a player! However, I knew I had to persist and get out there and try to make things happen, even if the streets/malls/stores were pretty empty. I decided to go downtown on a beautiful Saturday, and told myself that even if there aren’t many sets, at least I will get some sun and enjoy walking around (which will help me with my cutting phase as well).

The Blonde

Almost as soon as I had parked my car and stepped into a park, I saw a cute blonde sitting on a bench. She looked at me and smiled – I had to go back and approach her! As soon as I turned back, she got up before seeing me and started to walk away, but I was only a few steps behind and was able to get in front of her and approach. The set was very flirty and the vibe was good – she was in town for only another day and was leaving Sunday, and she was about to go home to get ready to meet her friends as they were going out. I knew that despite her hooking pretty strongly, I likely wouldn’t be able to instadate her, so I suggested meeting up on Sunday before she leaves for a drink. I took her number, knowing that trying to get her out in such a short time frame likely wouldn’t happen (I was correct, she never responded to my feeler). I walked away from that set feeling great, as there were some good sexual spikes and she was very flirtatious, which made the vibe in the set feel good for the first approach of the day. The daygame gods didn’t want to smile on me in that set and let it be an instadate before she left town the next day, but them’s the breaks sometimes!

Instadate Incoming

Here’s the weird thing – I almost didn’t go out that Saturday as I wasn’t feeling it too much, but the weather was so nice that I forced myself to drive downtown. Goes to show you that you never know what will happen if you go out in the world and try to penetrate your will into it (and into girls’ vaginas ;)). After the set with the blonde, I headed downtown, hoping to see more sets. My walk towards the park was largely uneventful, without many people passing me by. The good vibe from the first set had carried me over and now I was ready to approach more, so I walked around when a thicc girl caught my eye – she was stationary, standing by and holding onto the rails with her back turned towards me. She had a nice looking juicy ass, and my instinct told me her curves were of Latina origin. She was wearing a nice fitted dress, so I had to go in and approach.

I walked up to her and delivered my direct opener, then realized she was on the phone, so I made that observation. She smiled and kept talking to me, so I kept the set going, stacking on my Latina hunch – she ended up being African, and then told me to hold on while she said something to her friend on the phone in one of those weird African languages, then hung up and suggested going for a walk. I was a bit surprised that she suggested that rather than me having to talk to her some more and suggest it myself, but I acted cool and smiled, then started to walk her towards an area of the park I knew had some good swings on – it was an instadate! I couldn’t believe that happened, and only about 20 mins after the first attempt with the blonde where I thought I would get an instadate, only to have to settle for her number, which ended up being a dead lead. That’s how daygame can be at times!

I made sure to vibe with Ashanti during the short walk towards the swing – she was 21 yrs old, lived on the opposite side of town from me, and was studying to be a nurse. Her family had gone out so she wanted to enjoy the beautiful day in the park, and then she ended up meeting a cool European like me – lucky her! She was a bit shy at first, but I got her to open up a bit more by carrying the convo at first and dropping DHV stories about travel. That got her to open up about her own travel stories, and also about her origin, as she told me more about Africa and how it was there. As we got to the swings, the two barely legal blondes sitting on the next one were staring at us – preselection baby! I made sure to introduce kino slowly and touch her shoulders and then hands, as she had a ring that I wanted to see. Things were going well, so I told her we should take a walk again – the swings area was too crowded for my liking, and I knew an area of the park which was a bit quieter, which would have made it much better for fast escalation.

As I mentioned, Ashanti had a thicc body with a nice big ass, and was pretty curvaceous (I would find out that she was actually a bit too curvaceous for my personal tastes later, but more on that in a bit). So what that meant was pretty much every black guy that walked past us as I was leading her towards the quieter area was staring at her, one even gave me a thumbs up, and some girls even complimented her on her nails (I made sure to fuck with her by saying “Thanks” to them though). This was a great example as to what young, pretty girls in their 20s feel just walking down the street – tons of dudes with no game that stare and/or creepily talk to them. Not a good look for the Midwest or the USA in general, but it is what it is!

As we took a seat again, there were very few people around – perfect for escalation! I had her talking and showing me pics and videos of her country, and I started to hold her hand, move my hands around her things, and going for the kiss. Everything was received well, and as I had my hand around her body I realized something – yeah, Ashanti was thicc, but as an Eastern European, she was a bit thicker than I would have liked. She probably had an extra 5-10 pounds on her, which her dress did a great job covering, and highlighting her big ass as well. I swear girls perform magic on daily basis just with their wardrobes! At that point, I knew I lived 30 mins away, and so did she, but as I escalated and she was receptive, I knew I had probably taken the instadate too far to not go for the close – so I suggested back to my place for a movie, and made it seem like I lived closer than I actually did. I thought she would be receptive, but then after at first seeming to want to go for it, she said she would have to go back home soon to her family, as they were getting back. I kept cool and changed the topic, hoping that I could change her mind in a few mins – despite her being a bit thicker than I like, something about her still turned me on, and I knew I had to go for it and try.

After a bit more making out and grabbing her ass meanwhile, I decided it was time to go for broke and see what happens. I walked with her a bit more and then suggested casually hanging out again, to which she gave the same response and said she is down next time. Deep down I knew I had went for it and felt good, while also having my sixth sense tell me that I would probably never see that girl again after our instadate was over. Would I have been able to get my first SDL if I had better logistics and my place was only a couple mins away walking distance? Probably, but I try not to think about that too much. I ran good game, and at the end it was good enough for an instadate which I didn’t expect, but not enough for the pull. Despite me seeding a few second date ideas and Ashanti actually adding to them and even suggesting a few things we could do herself, my sixth sense was correct – she never responded to my follow-up text after our date was over, and I never saw her again!


A couple of things I want to mention here – game post-Corona can be disheartening, especially for those of you who don’t live in a huge city like I do. Volume is a challenge, but you have to do your best and play the game anyway, and sometimes you will get rewarded with a solid number close/instadata/SDL.

The last thing I wanna mention – the SMP in most of the USA is fucked, and stacked against men. I am not saying this to complain (I have improved my game and SMV a ton the last few years), I am saying this as a European who lives in the US and has seen what the SMP is in places like Eastern Europe, and I am saying it to keep you sane – if you feel that deep down you should be getting better results than you actually are (assuming you game and approach of course), than you are probably right – it is just that the SMP in most of the US is heavily skewed towards women! Think about it – Ashanti was like I said, probably a few pounds overweight by my Eastern European standards. However, all the other guys that walked by didn’t think so, and made sure to stare at her and even give me a thumbs up, even as we were walking together. All a girl has to do in America is to be somewhat pretty (and she was pretty, even if not exactly slim) and wear a tight fitting dress that hides her fat and promotes her curves, and voila – guys are all over that! Would I have approached Ashanti if I was still in Eastern Europe? Maybe, maybe not – the quality is a lot higher over there, and it rewards daygamers with balls a lot more than over here in the Midwest, where 60% of the women are fat.

I wanna finish on a positive note though, and this seems to tie to the previous point – Ashanti told me at one point that when I approached her, she thought I was someone else. A few black guys had tried talking to her a few minutes before I approached her apparently, but doing it in the most creepy of ways – by talking to her as a group and basically catcalling her, at which point she told them no and got on the phone with her friend. She told me she was relieved when she found out it wasn’t them, and once I talked to her a bit she wanted to get to know me a bit so she let her friend go. So the silver lining is – good game still works, even in locations which aren’t ideal for it like the Midwest. And on that note, I have outlined a plan for myself that will enable me to daygame in better locations with higher volume and more beautiful girls. It will take me a bit of time to get all of that settled, but stay tuned! Midwest Daygame will soon be able to game in much better daygame cities consistently if all goes well, and I won’t have to spend so much time hunting for sets around here, getting few sets on most approach days. Until next time – see you guys!

June Lay Reports: The Salvadorean And The 18 Yr Old

“My love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June”

Robert Burns


Hey guys – it has been a while! More than two months since my last post – I have had a couple of busy months! Work has been great but pretty busy, some of my hobbies have picked up in the summer, I have been crushing my fitness goals, and of course, I am still approaching and documenting it on Twitter. However, I have been meaning to write a few posts on my blog as well, but everything else was taking up priority – until now, that is! So without further ado, let’s talk about the two lays I got in June – one was down South when visiting family around the area where InvestorPUA lives, and the other one happened only about a week after that, once I had gotten home. Let’s dive right into the good stuff!

The Salvadorean from Bumble

I had done a daygame session with Investor and had gone home to my family. It was a pretty busy few days at work, and at this point I still had Bumble on my phone left over from quarantine times (I was on no dating apps before the lockdown happened). Whenever I got to a new location, I usually see an uptick in matches, and I had gotten a few as I had arrived in the area my family lived in. I matched with Isabel shortly after I had gotten in town, and noticed she had a soccer jersey on, and started the convo from there. Things were going pretty smoothly as I was able to grab her number, and then over text I seeded the meetup. The banter was there even in the texts – when I teased her I am her favorite European, she asked if she is my favorite Latina, and I told her we will have to see after we have drinks together. I teased her to wear something sexy for me so I recognize her, and she asked me what I found sexy. Everything was pretty smooth sailing from there, and we agreed where to meet up. I suggested one of the breweries I had noticed while daygaming with Investor – she lived around 20 mins from there, and I lived 30 mins so the logistics weren’t great at all. But the girl was eager to meet, and I liked the area Investor lived in, as it was pretty walkable – unlike where my family was located.

I had her meet me in front of a food joint rather than the brewery itself, so that way we can walk there together and talk a bit before going for a beer. I did that on purpose – always good to go together rather than just meet in front of the venue if possible, makes it seem like you have been together for longer once you get inside the first date venue. Also, based on my experience with Latinas, I had a feeling she would give me shit about it, so I was prepared. She was a bit late and had trouble finding parking, and I actually saw her trying to park and guided her from the spot I was standing while waiting. Then, as I guessed, she shit tested me about why I had her meet me there instead of the venue, and I was ready – I teased her about a car driving by hitting her car if she had parked straight in front of the venue, and that I was actually saving her from serious trouble that way. She laughed, and I followed up with how it gives us a chance to talk anyway.

Once we sat outside and had a beer ordered, the eye contact and banter was getting fun. Both of us were in a good mood, and Isabel ended up being a house cleaner, so naturally I teased her about cleaning my place and then asked if she could cook for me. Things were going super well, and at one point we talked about each other’s birthdays – and she said “…or maybe I will be the present” when I asked her what she was buying me. It was on! I teased her that she would jump out of a cake for me while wearing lingerie, and shortly thereafter she told me “If you can guess what color my underwear is, I will show you” after I asked her about it. My mind said “Black!” immediately without thinking, and she smiled shyly while admitting that yeah, that was what she was wearing. I smiled and told her “Don’t show me yet!”

We were almost done with the beers and things were going great, but there was just one problem – where do I bounce her off to? She clearly liked me and was ready to fuck, but where do I pull her to? I had acquired about her logistics and found out that she lived with 3 other girls and one of her had her bf living with them, so that wasn’t an option. My family’s place also wasn’t an option – so that left my car or her car. I told her to come with me and take a walk around the neighborhood so I could have more time to think about it and escalate a bit to get her hornier.

We left the brewery and started walking around, going towards the train station that Investor and I had some luck approaching around. There were a decent amount of people walking by, but I found a couple of spots where we stopped and I started making out with her. Then, I just kept walking with her hand in hand with me, and kept giving her the eye while we kept going. After one of the makeouts, she told me “If you get me horny, it’s not my responsibility what happens”. Also a bit later, I started touching her ass, and she told me “Not here!” while playfully smacking my hand. I kept walking with her while talking, and realized it would have to be done – I hadn’t had sex in a car in years, but if this was gonna happen, it had to be done that way. So I told her let’s go back to my car and talk for a bit in private, and I led her there. No objections from her – Isabel was down for it! We went inside my car and started making out shortly, and I could tell she was super horny by now – only one problem though. There were people walking by as the street I had parked on was kinda busy, and she noticed as I started rubbing her pussy while we were making out and made a comment about it. Fuck!

Not one to panic, I said let’s find another spot. I drove around the area, having no idea where the fuck I could find a good spot, as I didn’t live there and didn’t know the area. The gods smiled upon me though – right away I saw a parking lot that looked empty, and as we pulled in, it was private with only two other cares. It was perfect! Isabel thought I knew that place, I guess my vibe was still confident on the outside which was good. Now it was on – and very shortly, I had her take out my cock and suck it while assuring her that no one was gonna come around, as the parking lot was pretty deserted. She gave me a pretty good blowjob, and then I told her “Let’s hop in the backseat” She asked me “Do you even have a condom?” And I said of course while smiling. She rolled her eyes in a teasing way and without a word, opened her door and went to the backseat to wait for me. This girl was tiny -5 ft 2, around 100 lbs, and that was great – otherwise, the backseat fuck would have been very uncomfortable! We kept going for a bit and as I was fucking her from the top, I looked around to make sure no one was coming around. We were lucky – place was empty, and we could finish while taking as much time as needed. I told her to swallow my cum as I was getting close, and she happily obliged. We then went back to the front seats and talked for a bit, and she asked “So am I your favorite Latina now?” going back to the teasing that happened over text. I smiled and told her “You are in the top 3 for today!” and she laughed and rolled her eyes. She was fun and had a very good sexual vibe and energy. I then dropped her off close to her car, and went home to my family, having to work the next day.

Things to Note

There are a lot of purists online that would say – “Cool story bro, but this was an online lay, so it doesn’t count!” While I am also a big fan of meeting people in person and daygame in particular, this lay would have never happened if I hadn’t been proficient in daygame and had a strong frame. Even over text, I set the right frame with teasing and telling her to dress sexy for me, thus being masculine and leading things forward. Then during the meetup, I escalated verbally by talking about her doing things for me, which led to the birthday gift and then underwear comment. Then on the walk, I escalated physically too.

However, if I didn’t have enough game to recognize this girl came to be fucked and I had to make it happen, none of that would have mattered. A couple of years ago, I would have told myself “She is a nice girl, don’t fuck her in your car! Wait for next date like a cool dude!” And guess what? That next date would have never happened. I had enough calibration this time to realize the situation, and also enough game to lead things to where we could be in my car and in a semi-private location so we can fuck. So yes, even if it is online game, once you get the girl on the date, knowing how to escalate and lead is super important, and could be the difference between a lay and going home empty handed.

The 18 Year Old

Before going down South to visit my family, I had talked online to an 18 year old girl who looked very slim. We exchanged Snapchats, and she ended up liking my body a lot, but then no response when I seeded the date. I let her go, thinking nothing will come out of it. Then, as I went to the beach for Memorial Day and then down South to visit my family, I kept posting DHV stories on my Snap – the beach, eating at restaurants, fireworks, the brewery, etc. Guess who hit me up asking when I am getting back in town? That’s right, the 18 year old! I quickly got her number, and then once I got back I seeded a date on the Thursday. She accepted, and even though her responses got slower like most hot 18 year olds, she showed up at the park I had her meet me in short skirt, and looked great – very slim and taller than I thought, while looking a bit shy. I would find out shortly thereafter how much she wasn’t shy!

I could go on and write about this pull for a while, but it wasn’t as interesting or as much of a good story as the one above with the Salvadorean girl – this girl kept giving me good eye contact and agreeing with me a lot, so I told her to come to my place after 30 mins or so, and she was down for it. We weren’t even in my place for 2 mins and we had already started taking each other’s clothes off. Jane was half black and very sexual – she loved to suck cock, get choked, spanked, facefucked, and generally fucked as rough as possible. She loved older men as she told me afterwards as well, and was going to college this year. She also had just created an OnlyFans and PornHub account (LOL!) So thots gonna thot! She was a fun lay though, and very obedient. I even teased her about not really being 18, and she showed me her ID – definitely just turned 18 in March!


It has been a while since I had a blog post on here, so hopefully you guys enjoyed the lay reports! I also wanna write about an instadate I went on from daygame in the next post, as there were some interesting lessons in there as well. I also want to write about my thoughts on daygame after Corona, and what my impressions are there, as well as a few other things. I have been pretty busy recently, but I will definitely try to write on here more often and share stories, as well as general thoughts about game! To close, I wanna say that 2020 has been a great year for me in many aspects, and it might set me up to where I will be in a great situation to daygame wherever I want in the future. But I will share more about that once it is finalized – super excited to see what happens! I also realize that for many of you, these last 6 months might not have been as great as they were for me. If that is the case, keep your head up – things turn around quicker than you think, think positive and put in the work, and eventually you will succeed!

Field Report: Approaching with InvestorPUA Down South

“Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more memories.”

Patrick Lindsay


I am excited about this post – I will talk about meeting another player from Twitter for the first time, @InvestorPUA. Go ahead and give him a follow if you haven’t already, he is a pretty cool guy who is in the beginning of his pickup journey (he had around ~50 approaches when we met). How did we meet, you ask? We had chatted a bit on Twitter and noticed he mentioned he was down South, and since I have family down there I asked him where he was located. As fate would have it, he lived around 30 mins from where my family was, and I told him I would hit him up next time I am down there. With the Coronavirus, I can work from home anywhere in the world for a while, and I was visiting my family for a couple weeks. I reached out to Investor and we met up one fine Saturday to talk about game and approach some sets together. In this post, I will share our experience with you guys, as well as talk about my thoughts on daygame with a wing.

Thoughts on Winged Daygame

Before meeting Investor, I had done just around 400 daygame sets, mostly solo. I had a wing for a few sets last year, but he couldn’t believe how hard daygame was and how much effort it took and as a beginner he obviously wasn’t seeing much results, so he stopped doing it very quickly. Investor was the first guy from Twitter I met up with, and I have to say the experience didn’t disappoint.

I told Investor he was more advanced than I was when I was at 50 approaches, and I meant it. He seemed to have a cool vibe and we were able to hit it off, talking about different topics with ease and joking around, making sure to keep our vibes up as we were walking around his nice neighborhood trying to find cute girls to talk to. Compared to solo daygame, it seemed like it was way easier to get out of your head and be in a social mood without much approach anxiety when a cute girl was to be approached. At the same time though, we had to share sets, and his city has the same volume problem mine has, so it was an interesting experience. Let’s dive into the approaches!

Approach Time!

We met up on a day that was fairly hot, but not as scorching as the Saturday after that would be. The protests had just begun, so we ran into that too – thankfully it wasn’t too bad, and we joked about joining if we saw any cute girls. We started walking around in his neighborhood, and after about 10 minutes or so we were at a light. A slim blonde walked by me and looked at me, Investor noticed it too and told me about it. I had to make a decision as she crossed to go the other way – I thought about it and said let’s go, I will find another one. Shortly after, Investor saw a cute girl by the rails and went for it, I waited close by and looked at his set to see if I can notice anything to share with him after the set. He came back with her number – great start to our session together! (although he later found out somehow the number wasn’t saved in his contacts, which was unfortunate because it seemed the girl was cool and into him). I was optimistic after the good start, and we went back the other way, chatting about life in general and having fun. A few minutes after, I notice a cute blonde and something inside me feels like I have seen her before, and she looks cute. I chase while Investor was waiting and I open her – it was the same girl that gave me an IOI at the crosswalk! She was open to the approach and my tease about her popping veins, she was super lean. The set was going well but I could tell she wasn’t fully hooking, and did mention something about my friend, I think she remembered seeing me at the light and honestly the fact that I didn’t approach her right away might have hurt me a bit. I tried to close her after a few minutes but she said she wasn’t in that type of space right now, so I let her go – she did joke with me as I walked away and teased her though, so it was a very interesting set.

Even though our journey started in a good way with decent volume, we ran into the same issue I run into often at my current location – lack of cute girls walking around. We walked around for an hour, catching a glimpse of a girl only to see her boyfriend with her, or some other guys. We kept chatting and getting to know each other during that time, and then Investor saw a blonde with a dog he approached (or we thought it was a dog). I waited and saw the girl coming towards me after the set, and then saw Investor hanging back, so after the girl passed me I went towards him. Apparently, the creature was a fox! She imported it from somewhere (I forget where now…), but both of us had a WTF expression on that one. We ran into mediocre girls for a while which neither of us wanted to open, until a two set with a dog walked by. I personally didn’t find them too attractive, but Investor liked one of them as she was slim and tall, so he gave chase. I waited for a bit and considered joining to help him out when he walked back – it was a quick set to nowhere.

Shortly after, I approached a Latina looking girl, only to have a quick blowout, so no harm no foul. At this point, we had been on the streets for a few hours, and both of us were getting worn out from the low volume and the hot sun. As we discovered a new part of town where we could walk, Investor mentioned two blondes behind us. I let them pass and told him if they are hot, I am opening. I looked at them and they were hot, so I looked at him and asked if he wants to join for 2 on 2. He shook his head so I went and opened, and he changed his mind and joined me shortly after my stack. Both blondes were cute and one of them did like my tease, but the other was on her phone, and they told us they were in a hurry for a restaurant reservation, but they thanked us for approaching before they left. I think I had a shot with the hotter one if it was 1 on 1, but that’s how it goes sometimes. We were at it for a bit over 3 hours, and each of us got 3 approaches in, without much to write home about. Still, it was a lot of fun, and the vibe was definitely up the whole time as we got along very well.

My advice for InvestorPUA

Since this happened a few weeks ago, I had some time to think about the experience, and Investor’s game in general. Like I said above, I do think his game at 50 approaches is better than mine when I was at that level, he seems to be going for tougher sets than I was at that point. However, I did notice that whenever we would see a cute girl with an average or below average guy, Investor would always notice and comment on it, and it seemed to bring his vibe down a bit. I think he focused too much on how if a guy like that can have a cute girl, why couldn’t he? My advice to him would be to focus on improving himself, as he doesn’t know the situation of those guys, and why those girls are with them, or how happy those guys are. Looks can be deceiving: it might look like a guy is with a hot girl, but she might be totally running the show and he could be very unhappy, it is hard to tell. The only thing a player can do is be better than yesterday, and improve his game and SMV. Focusing on other guys and wanting what they have leads to a lot of unhappiness, and all of us have to accept where we are in the present and focus on what we have to do to improve and become better.

Of course, his city also seems to have a volume problem, which makes it harder to generate good leads with cute girls, and every set feels a lot more valuable due to the volume issues. There is not much to do about that but look at what you can improve, and ignore what you can’t, as well as not focus on other guys and what they have. If Investor can focus on the process and enjoy the game for what it is without wishing to have what other guys have, I think he has a bright future ahead of him as a player. After all, as Krauser says, there is always a King of Kong. There is always someone better than you, someone who is banging a hotter, tighter, younger pussy than you. All you can do is work hard and improve what matters day by day, and eventually the results will be there!


I enjoyed meeting InvestorPUA, and the first time I met another player from Twitter was a blast. I was humbled when he said my blog inspired him in the beginning, as that was one of the main reasons I started it – to inspire other guys to dive into it and improve their skills with women rather than numb themselves with porn, social media, Netflix and video games. Sometimes change is hard and takes a while to get better, but it is always worth going for what you want, no matter how tough it is. To finish this post, checkout Investor on Twitter and give him a follow!