Why I Am Publishing A Free Indoor Daygame Guide, And A General Update

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

Sarah Kay

General Update

If you have been following my blog, then you probably have realized that I haven’t posted anything this year at all. Why is that, you might ask? Many reasons, but there are two main ones: first of all, I moved to a new location within the US, and that was taking up a lot of my time to make sure it went smoothly. I am now no longer located in the Midwest (don’t worry, no changes to my Twitter handle or blog name!) and I am currently located in a Southern city. I have actually been able to run a bit of daygame finally over the last few weeks as I got a bit more settled in and done the things I wanted to improve at my new place. I will also likely spend more time in Europe this year, but one step at a time. What is the second reason, you might ask? Well… I have been busy writing an indoor daygame guide!

Why Write An Indoor Daygame Guide?

I realized that there wasn’t a good indoor daygame guide currently available in the community – sure, some of the textbooks by Krauser and Torero did mention indoor daygame for a couple of pages, but once I started to do the London Daygame Model, I realized that there were a few adjustments that I was making to my game as I approached at malls, grocery stores, and similar venues. Furthermore, some of those adjustments weren’t really obvious, and it took me quite a few sessions to realize what I needed to do and why it was effective. Then, as I came back from my NYC trip, I realized that I was now a daygamer who knows what the differences are between primarily approaching on the street, and primarily approaching in non-pedestrian cities where indoor daygame is necessary. That’s when I sat down and decided I will put my thoughts on paper to share with whoever might be interested!

Who Is The Indoor Daygame Guide For?

The main target audience for the indoor daygame guide is American guys who live in non-pedestrian cities, meaning that street daygame is not really plausible with good volume. What if you live in a city that is somewhat large (a metro area of say half a million or more), but there are no busy streets, and furthermore your online dating account doesn’t yield you many matches? Nightgame might not be plausible for you right now, or maybe you just don’t like staying up late, or don’t get good results at bars or clubs. What to do in that case? Well, that’s where the guide comes in – it will show you a good blueprint based on the London Daygame Model that you can use to game at malls, grocery stores, college campuses, etc. to meet women on your own terms, and show you that it is indeed possible to meet women during the day anywhere, as long as you are motivated and put in the effort.

What Will The Indoor Daygame Guide Contain?

Without giving too much away yet, the guide will talk about the two most common indoor daygame concepts (I believe they are both really important for indoor daygame, and somewhat underrated in the daygame community). It will have some exercises and examples that you can follow to understand how to improve your understanding of them and practice so that you notice them as you are daygaming. Then, there are chapters about the venues where I have spent most of my time daygaming (grocery stores, the mall, college campuses) which include a ton of tips, tricks, examples and walking you through how to be effective in those venues while still utilizing the power of the London Daygame Model. By the time you finish it, you will be ready to walk around those venues with confidence that you know how to approach girls you like in a fun, socially calibrated way that both of you enjoy!

Is It Really Free?

This is the first book I have ever written, and I will be releasing it 100% free for the benefit of the community. It will likely be available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI versions so that you can even read it on your Kindle. It will be free and always will be! However, let’s say you read it, and use the information that you find in the guide useful and utilize it to get dates, lays and/or girlfriends! What if you want to thank me for writing it? Once again, the guide will be 100% free, always – but I will put up information (likely a Patreon account) where you can thank me for writing the guide if you so desire. I will also likely put up my Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses as well to enable those of you that want to thank me for writing the guide if they so desire. That way, I think it will be a win/win for everyone!

When Will The Guide Be Released?

I finished the first draft a few days ago, and it is currently ~15 thousand words. I sent it over to a few daygamers to review, and so far I have gotten good feedback and some improvement suggestions. Once I make the final edit after they finish their reviews, I will release it on my website for the general public to download and utilize. This will likely happen within the next two weeks. Once it is released, I would love to hear your feedback! Be patient and the guide will be released before you know it!

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