Guest Post: Brown Daygamer’s Second Lay Report!


I am excited to introduce the first ever guest post on my blog! It is somewhat fitting that it is by Brown Daygamer, as I had the pleasure to meet him when I was in NYC. I was impressed by his enthusiasm for daygame, and how much he enjoyed approaching and going after sets with a smile on his face. He is a guy with a great vibe, and it was great meeting him in person after we had talked on Twitter for a while before my trip to NYC. As you know if you follow him on Twitter, he recently got his second ever lay from daygame! He reached out to me asking if I could post his lay report on my blog as he doesn’t have one, and I was happy to oblige. Without further ado, I give you the juicy details below, in the words of the man himself (some formatting changes were made in the Midwest).

Brown Daygamer’s Lay Report

I want to share what I have been up to after my first lay from daygame all the way back in February 2020. As you may know, I got my first lay from daygame with a girl I approached in NYC in February 2020. Logistics wasn’t an issue as I pulled her back to her office straight from the first venue on a first date. My first lay came after about 120 lifetime approaches. After this lay I struggled a bit on getting some strong leads, I was getting phone numbers on and off but mostly they were flaking. Then COVID hit so I didn’t approach until May 2020. Then I started approaching again as restrictions in my state eased up. I should also note that I live in a suburb area so my only venues for daygame were parks, malls, and grocery shops. Majority of sets were in these venues, unless I traveled to NYC for some street game. I did more approaches in the past 3 -4 months during this summer than the approaches I did for little over 1 year since I learned daygame.  But why I want to bring this up to you is because I started doing close to 20-25 sets per week since the last 3 weeks before this new lay. I set this as a goal to get more volume and I know that game is played in the field. The field experience teaches you more than just reading theory. Although I do feel knowing the basic theory if daygame is important to be calibrated in the field. Since I don’t live in major tourist cities like NYC or London, I needed to get more sets in to see some results and also to evaluate my game. I saw significant improvement in my mindset, my game and the response I was getting from girls in the field after I started doing more sets per week. Before doing these many sets, I would over analyze my sets, texts, and interactions. By the 2nd week of approaching close to 25 sets per week, I was texting 4-5 girls at the same time, setting up multiple dates per week, of course I was not able to get every girl out on a date but it felt good to know I had option of texting multiple girls. For the first time in my life, I had 2 dates set up in a single week. Moving forward, I plan on keeping this as my goal to get at least 20 sets per week, I try to go out to game in my local mall at least 3 days per week then I do one off approaches when I go grocery shopping or running any errands. Also note that all of my sets since May 2020 have been with mask on unless it was outside in the park. 

OK, going back to the lay report. I went to my local mall on a Monday evening after work for my usual daygame session with a wing. The volume has been surprisingly good in the mall after COVID. Me and my wing had just finished approaching a hot Brazilian two set. The set was around 6-8 mins, I number closed the girl I was chatting with and the other girl declined number close from my wing. I felt good about this set but she replied to my feeler text and then never replied to my pings. As we were walking in the mall, I saw a cute girl rushing through us, she seemed to be in a hurry and had a pink jacket on with blonde hair. I let her pass by us and told my wing I gotta go approach this one. I stopped her and delivered my opener. She was caught off guard at first and was moving away as I was delivering my opener but then I stacked immediately on her pink jacket and she stopped. She didn’t give me much to work with after the stack she just said thank you, so I stacked again on her nationality and told her you look like you are from Poland. She said yes I am. Then I acknowledged the elephant in the room, I told her “You look nervous to talk to me right now”. She said “Yea I’ve never been approached like this before so I don’t know what to say”. To that I replied “OK, I know you are in a rush right now but some other time I would like to take you out for a drink. You look like you enjoy wine more than a beer.” She said “Yes, I like red wine”. So I number closed her, seeding the date that I know a nice place which serves good wine. She gave me her number and I continued my daygame session.

I sent her a text 2 hours later to which she responded positively, stating this only happens in movies and books not in real life. So I knew she was interested in this experience. Few texts back and forth and we agreed to meet on a Friday night.

First Date

I invited her to my regular venue that I take all my dates to near a college campus. There are many bars and restaurants there with a great vibe. Few minutes before the agreed time to meet, she texted me she may be 10 mins late as Uber is taking a long time to arrive. I was surprised to see that she was taking an Uber and not driving to the date venue as it was around 10 mins drive from where she lived and there are plenty of parking spaces near the bar. I thought OK if she has taken an Uber she plans to stay longer with me and possibly I can pull her. But of course I don’t have logistics to pull her so I thought I’ll see if I can pull her back to her place. Anyways back to the date, I ran a typical London style 2 venue date (thanks to Tom Torero for this date model). She was wearing a nice white crop top and jeans with heels on, had her make up and hair done very nicely as well. She looked even better than when I saw her in the mall. We sat on a bar stool side by side, typical chit chat for a few mins. She was a bit hesitant to my light touches in the first venue and her body language was leaning away from me. I bounced her to the second venue, I started talking about more fun topics, travels, adventures, parties, etc. She loosened up a bit but still her body language was moving away from me. I did more kino, hand holding, running my fingers through her hair etc. I attempted to kiss her but she declined, so I rolled back for a few mins. I went to the bathroom but before that I told her the classic Torero line “I am going to the bathroom but when I come back I am going to try to kiss you” to which she smiled and said NO. I came back from the bathroom and we chatted more for 30 mins with me initiating more kino and she was receptive. I seeded a pull back to hers noting that I have a nice bottle of wine in my car and I can show you some cool videos, to which she said yes.

I told her let’s get out of here and take a walk around the downtown. As we were walking I tried to hold her hand but she took her hand away after crossing the street, a few mins of walking I tried to kiss her 2nd time, she turned away her face. At this time we finished walking around and I offered to drop her off, seeding the wine and watching videos at her place again. She just complied and walked with me to the car. I parked in front of her house and told her OK let’s go up I have this bottle of wine. Then she hesitated and said no you can’t come up, I live with my parents. I tried to push again by saying let’s just have 1 drink and we’ll sneak in to which she replied no. I said well ok then I’ll see you next time. To which she replied, “yes if you text me and want to see me again”. I was kind of surprised by that I thought I made my intention clear that I like her but I think I came off as too playerish to her during the date with some DHV stories. I felt she wanted to make sure that I don’t just fuck her and dump her. That’s she probably didn’t kiss in date venue. I said “of course I want to see you again. I like your vibe and we should meet up again”. As soon as I finished my sentence, she grabbed me and started kissing me (with some tongue action as well). After 2 mins of making out, she said I’ll see you next time and got out of the car and I left. As soon as I reached home, I received a text from her “That was a nice evening, thank you”.

Second Date

I set up a 2nd with her exactly 1 week after the first date. She seemed eager over text to meet up again. I was debating between inviting her straight over to my place for drinks and a movie or take her to a bar then pull her back to my place. Note, my place meaning the Airbnb that I would rent out for 1 night to pull her back. I found a nice Airbnb near some bars and booked it for 1 night on the day of the date. To be on safe side and not escalate too much too soon, I invited her to a bar 10 mins near the Airbnb. She texted me 2 hours before the agreed time that she is stuck in the hair salon and may be late. So we postponed the date to an hour later than our decided time. I went to my Airbnb to set up a wine bottle, put down some condoms and set up music before the date. She showed up in a nice red dress with her hair done. I found out that she went to the hair salon straight from her work and then came from the hair salon straight to the date venue in her car (no Uber this time). We had a few drinks and I ran the question game going into some sexual topics. About 90 minutes into the date, I seeded the pull to which she just ignored without saying yes or no. So after a total of 2 hours, I told her let’s take a walk around the town. We walked and kissed more on the street, as we got close to my car I told her I have a nice bottle of wine and some cool videos (some music videos we discussed during the date) to show you. Let’s go have wine at my place and watch the videos. She said she was very tired today and doesn’t feel like coming tonight but next time for sure we can have drinks at your place. I pushed twice more but she didn’t agree. So we left after making out near my car.  

I felt I didn’t get her logistics right to understand if it would be feasible for her to come back to my place. She may have been tired as she had worked the whole day then went straight to the hair saloon for 3 hrs and came to the date. But of course if she really wanted to fuck she would’ve came back to my Airbnb. Well that goes one night’s rent of Airbnb for nothing. I guess that’s the price you pay for not having good logistics.

Third Date

Again she was very receptive over text and keen to meet up for a 3rd date. This time I invited her directly to my place (Airbnb) for a wine and a movie night. She agreed with the day and time I suggested. A day before the date, she texted me asking if I’ll be cooking her dinner as well. I didn’t want to bring all the ingredients to cook in an Airbnb so I told her we’ll order something. She arrived (in an Uber) to my place at the agreed upon time, not late this time. She brought a little gift of 6 macaroon for me from a European bakery. She was dressed nicely in a pink top, leather skirt and black stockings. I could see, she came ready to get fucked. We sat on my couch, ordered some food and started talking while I put some nice music videos on the TV. She was more relaxed this time and opened up more. I was stroking my hand on her thighs as we were chatting and pulling her to kiss a few times as we talked. The food arrived, we went to the dinner table and had dinner with some wine.

After dinner, we sat down on the sofa again and were watching some videos on YouTube. I was taking this slow as I wanted to make sure that I get this lay and don’t come off as needy. But it looked like she had different plans in mind. 2 mins after we sat on the sofa after dinner, she looked straight in my eyes as I was changing the videos on YouTube. I could see her lusty eyes and could tell she wanted to start making out, I grabbed her by her neck and started kissing her. I was still going slow during the kissing but she started using her tongue and jumped on my lap to make out. I start grabbing her tits as we were kissing and took off her top. No LMR. She had a nice black bra on and I started kissing her all over as she was grinding on me. I took off her bra and started sucking on her tits. She started moaning loudly so I carried her near to the dining table and pushed her against the wall. During the question game on the 2nd date, she did tell me that she likes to be dominated and her favorite part of her body is her boobs. So I gave her some compliments on her boobs as I was fondling and sucking on them. I grabbed her hands and turned her over against the wall, removed her leather skirt and she did have a matching panty on. I started spanking her ass as I knew she liked to be dominated. I spanked her ass until it turned slightly red and pulled her onto the dining table. I spread her legs and went down on her to lick her pussy. After few mins I carried her over to the bedroom for some more action. I started fingering her and she was moaning loudly. After around 30 mins of foreplay in total, I grabbed the condom from the box that I had deliberately put in the drawer next to the bed a few hours before she came over. I stood by the bed and turned her over to fuck her in the doggy style. I made sure to slap her ass few times and pull her hair as I was fucking her. The visual was very exciting so I came in the condom in about 5 mins. We cuddled after for few mins with some light massage. After few mins she said she had to go back as her parents would start calling her if its late. She ordered the Uber and off she went.

The one thing that this lay has taught me is the importance of LOGISTICS. I could’ve gotten this lay on the first date if I had my logistics right, she came prepared to have sex on the first date (hence she had taken Uber to get to the date venue) and she was the one who started making out with me at the end of the night after my 2 attempts to kiss her. Having good logistics is a key to getting more lays and I understand that by not having good logistics, I could lose more lays in future.

As of writing this lay report, I am at 437 lifetime approaches from daygame. I had planned to get to 500 approaches by end of the year but looks like I’ll be reaching that goal sooner than expected.

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