June Lay Reports: The Salvadorean And The 18 Yr Old

“My love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June”

Robert Burns


Hey guys – it has been a while! More than two months since my last post – I have had a couple of busy months! Work has been great but pretty busy, some of my hobbies have picked up in the summer, I have been crushing my fitness goals, and of course, I am still approaching and documenting it on Twitter. However, I have been meaning to write a few posts on my blog as well, but everything else was taking up priority – until now, that is! So without further ado, let’s talk about the two lays I got in June – one was down South when visiting family around the area where InvestorPUA lives, and the other one happened only about a week after that, once I had gotten home. Let’s dive right into the good stuff!

The Salvadorean from Bumble

I had done a daygame session with Investor and had gone home to my family. It was a pretty busy few days at work, and at this point I still had Bumble on my phone left over from quarantine times (I was on no dating apps before the lockdown happened). Whenever I got to a new location, I usually see an uptick in matches, and I had gotten a few as I had arrived in the area my family lived in. I matched with Isabel shortly after I had gotten in town, and noticed she had a soccer jersey on, and started the convo from there. Things were going pretty smoothly as I was able to grab her number, and then over text I seeded the meetup. The banter was there even in the texts – when I teased her I am her favorite European, she asked if she is my favorite Latina, and I told her we will have to see after we have drinks together. I teased her to wear something sexy for me so I recognize her, and she asked me what I found sexy. Everything was pretty smooth sailing from there, and we agreed where to meet up. I suggested one of the breweries I had noticed while daygaming with Investor – she lived around 20 mins from there, and I lived 30 mins so the logistics weren’t great at all. But the girl was eager to meet, and I liked the area Investor lived in, as it was pretty walkable – unlike where my family was located.

I had her meet me in front of a food joint rather than the brewery itself, so that way we can walk there together and talk a bit before going for a beer. I did that on purpose – always good to go together rather than just meet in front of the venue if possible, makes it seem like you have been together for longer once you get inside the first date venue. Also, based on my experience with Latinas, I had a feeling she would give me shit about it, so I was prepared. She was a bit late and had trouble finding parking, and I actually saw her trying to park and guided her from the spot I was standing while waiting. Then, as I guessed, she shit tested me about why I had her meet me there instead of the venue, and I was ready – I teased her about a car driving by hitting her car if she had parked straight in front of the venue, and that I was actually saving her from serious trouble that way. She laughed, and I followed up with how it gives us a chance to talk anyway.

Once we sat outside and had a beer ordered, the eye contact and banter was getting fun. Both of us were in a good mood, and Isabel ended up being a house cleaner, so naturally I teased her about cleaning my place and then asked if she could cook for me. Things were going super well, and at one point we talked about each other’s birthdays – and she said “…or maybe I will be the present” when I asked her what she was buying me. It was on! I teased her that she would jump out of a cake for me while wearing lingerie, and shortly thereafter she told me “If you can guess what color my underwear is, I will show you” after I asked her about it. My mind said “Black!” immediately without thinking, and she smiled shyly while admitting that yeah, that was what she was wearing. I smiled and told her “Don’t show me yet!”

We were almost done with the beers and things were going great, but there was just one problem – where do I bounce her off to? She clearly liked me and was ready to fuck, but where do I pull her to? I had acquired about her logistics and found out that she lived with 3 other girls and one of her had her bf living with them, so that wasn’t an option. My family’s place also wasn’t an option – so that left my car or her car. I told her to come with me and take a walk around the neighborhood so I could have more time to think about it and escalate a bit to get her hornier.

We left the brewery and started walking around, going towards the train station that Investor and I had some luck approaching around. There were a decent amount of people walking by, but I found a couple of spots where we stopped and I started making out with her. Then, I just kept walking with her hand in hand with me, and kept giving her the eye while we kept going. After one of the makeouts, she told me “If you get me horny, it’s not my responsibility what happens”. Also a bit later, I started touching her ass, and she told me “Not here!” while playfully smacking my hand. I kept walking with her while talking, and realized it would have to be done – I hadn’t had sex in a car in years, but if this was gonna happen, it had to be done that way. So I told her let’s go back to my car and talk for a bit in private, and I led her there. No objections from her – Isabel was down for it! We went inside my car and started making out shortly, and I could tell she was super horny by now – only one problem though. There were people walking by as the street I had parked on was kinda busy, and she noticed as I started rubbing her pussy while we were making out and made a comment about it. Fuck!

Not one to panic, I said let’s find another spot. I drove around the area, having no idea where the fuck I could find a good spot, as I didn’t live there and didn’t know the area. The gods smiled upon me though – right away I saw a parking lot that looked empty, and as we pulled in, it was private with only two other cares. It was perfect! Isabel thought I knew that place, I guess my vibe was still confident on the outside which was good. Now it was on – and very shortly, I had her take out my cock and suck it while assuring her that no one was gonna come around, as the parking lot was pretty deserted. She gave me a pretty good blowjob, and then I told her “Let’s hop in the backseat” She asked me “Do you even have a condom?” And I said of course while smiling. She rolled her eyes in a teasing way and without a word, opened her door and went to the backseat to wait for me. This girl was tiny -5 ft 2, around 100 lbs, and that was great – otherwise, the backseat fuck would have been very uncomfortable! We kept going for a bit and as I was fucking her from the top, I looked around to make sure no one was coming around. We were lucky – place was empty, and we could finish while taking as much time as needed. I told her to swallow my cum as I was getting close, and she happily obliged. We then went back to the front seats and talked for a bit, and she asked “So am I your favorite Latina now?” going back to the teasing that happened over text. I smiled and told her “You are in the top 3 for today!” and she laughed and rolled her eyes. She was fun and had a very good sexual vibe and energy. I then dropped her off close to her car, and went home to my family, having to work the next day.

Things to Note

There are a lot of purists online that would say – “Cool story bro, but this was an online lay, so it doesn’t count!” While I am also a big fan of meeting people in person and daygame in particular, this lay would have never happened if I hadn’t been proficient in daygame and had a strong frame. Even over text, I set the right frame with teasing and telling her to dress sexy for me, thus being masculine and leading things forward. Then during the meetup, I escalated verbally by talking about her doing things for me, which led to the birthday gift and then underwear comment. Then on the walk, I escalated physically too.

However, if I didn’t have enough game to recognize this girl came to be fucked and I had to make it happen, none of that would have mattered. A couple of years ago, I would have told myself “She is a nice girl, don’t fuck her in your car! Wait for next date like a cool dude!” And guess what? That next date would have never happened. I had enough calibration this time to realize the situation, and also enough game to lead things to where we could be in my car and in a semi-private location so we can fuck. So yes, even if it is online game, once you get the girl on the date, knowing how to escalate and lead is super important, and could be the difference between a lay and going home empty handed.

The 18 Year Old

Before going down South to visit my family, I had talked online to an 18 year old girl who looked very slim. We exchanged Snapchats, and she ended up liking my body a lot, but then no response when I seeded the date. I let her go, thinking nothing will come out of it. Then, as I went to the beach for Memorial Day and then down South to visit my family, I kept posting DHV stories on my Snap – the beach, eating at restaurants, fireworks, the brewery, etc. Guess who hit me up asking when I am getting back in town? That’s right, the 18 year old! I quickly got her number, and then once I got back I seeded a date on the Thursday. She accepted, and even though her responses got slower like most hot 18 year olds, she showed up at the park I had her meet me in short skirt, and looked great – very slim and taller than I thought, while looking a bit shy. I would find out shortly thereafter how much she wasn’t shy!

I could go on and write about this pull for a while, but it wasn’t as interesting or as much of a good story as the one above with the Salvadorean girl – this girl kept giving me good eye contact and agreeing with me a lot, so I told her to come to my place after 30 mins or so, and she was down for it. We weren’t even in my place for 2 mins and we had already started taking each other’s clothes off. Jane was half black and very sexual – she loved to suck cock, get choked, spanked, facefucked, and generally fucked as rough as possible. She loved older men as she told me afterwards as well, and was going to college this year. She also had just created an OnlyFans and PornHub account (LOL!) So thots gonna thot! She was a fun lay though, and very obedient. I even teased her about not really being 18, and she showed me her ID – definitely just turned 18 in March!


It has been a while since I had a blog post on here, so hopefully you guys enjoyed the lay reports! I also wanna write about an instadate I went on from daygame in the next post, as there were some interesting lessons in there as well. I also want to write about my thoughts on daygame after Corona, and what my impressions are there, as well as a few other things. I have been pretty busy recently, but I will definitely try to write on here more often and share stories, as well as general thoughts about game! To close, I wanna say that 2020 has been a great year for me in many aspects, and it might set me up to where I will be in a great situation to daygame wherever I want in the future. But I will share more about that once it is finalized – super excited to see what happens! I also realize that for many of you, these last 6 months might not have been as great as they were for me. If that is the case, keep your head up – things turn around quicker than you think, think positive and put in the work, and eventually you will succeed!

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