Field Report: Approaching with InvestorPUA Down South

“Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more memories.”

Patrick Lindsay


I am excited about this post – I will talk about meeting another player from Twitter for the first time, @InvestorPUA. Go ahead and give him a follow if you haven’t already, he is a pretty cool guy who is in the beginning of his pickup journey (he had around ~50 approaches when we met). How did we meet, you ask? We had chatted a bit on Twitter and noticed he mentioned he was down South, and since I have family down there I asked him where he was located. As fate would have it, he lived around 30 mins from where my family was, and I told him I would hit him up next time I am down there. With the Coronavirus, I can work from home anywhere in the world for a while, and I was visiting my family for a couple weeks. I reached out to Investor and we met up one fine Saturday to talk about game and approach some sets together. In this post, I will share our experience with you guys, as well as talk about my thoughts on daygame with a wing.

Thoughts on Winged Daygame

Before meeting Investor, I had done just around 400 daygame sets, mostly solo. I had a wing for a few sets last year, but he couldn’t believe how hard daygame was and how much effort it took and as a beginner he obviously wasn’t seeing much results, so he stopped doing it very quickly. Investor was the first guy from Twitter I met up with, and I have to say the experience didn’t disappoint.

I told Investor he was more advanced than I was when I was at 50 approaches, and I meant it. He seemed to have a cool vibe and we were able to hit it off, talking about different topics with ease and joking around, making sure to keep our vibes up as we were walking around his nice neighborhood trying to find cute girls to talk to. Compared to solo daygame, it seemed like it was way easier to get out of your head and be in a social mood without much approach anxiety when a cute girl was to be approached. At the same time though, we had to share sets, and his city has the same volume problem mine has, so it was an interesting experience. Let’s dive into the approaches!

Approach Time!

We met up on a day that was fairly hot, but not as scorching as the Saturday after that would be. The protests had just begun, so we ran into that too – thankfully it wasn’t too bad, and we joked about joining if we saw any cute girls. We started walking around in his neighborhood, and after about 10 minutes or so we were at a light. A slim blonde walked by me and looked at me, Investor noticed it too and told me about it. I had to make a decision as she crossed to go the other way – I thought about it and said let’s go, I will find another one. Shortly after, Investor saw a cute girl by the rails and went for it, I waited close by and looked at his set to see if I can notice anything to share with him after the set. He came back with her number – great start to our session together! (although he later found out somehow the number wasn’t saved in his contacts, which was unfortunate because it seemed the girl was cool and into him). I was optimistic after the good start, and we went back the other way, chatting about life in general and having fun. A few minutes after, I notice a cute blonde and something inside me feels like I have seen her before, and she looks cute. I chase while Investor was waiting and I open her – it was the same girl that gave me an IOI at the crosswalk! She was open to the approach and my tease about her popping veins, she was super lean. The set was going well but I could tell she wasn’t fully hooking, and did mention something about my friend, I think she remembered seeing me at the light and honestly the fact that I didn’t approach her right away might have hurt me a bit. I tried to close her after a few minutes but she said she wasn’t in that type of space right now, so I let her go – she did joke with me as I walked away and teased her though, so it was a very interesting set.

Even though our journey started in a good way with decent volume, we ran into the same issue I run into often at my current location – lack of cute girls walking around. We walked around for an hour, catching a glimpse of a girl only to see her boyfriend with her, or some other guys. We kept chatting and getting to know each other during that time, and then Investor saw a blonde with a dog he approached (or we thought it was a dog). I waited and saw the girl coming towards me after the set, and then saw Investor hanging back, so after the girl passed me I went towards him. Apparently, the creature was a fox! She imported it from somewhere (I forget where now…), but both of us had a WTF expression on that one. We ran into mediocre girls for a while which neither of us wanted to open, until a two set with a dog walked by. I personally didn’t find them too attractive, but Investor liked one of them as she was slim and tall, so he gave chase. I waited for a bit and considered joining to help him out when he walked back – it was a quick set to nowhere.

Shortly after, I approached a Latina looking girl, only to have a quick blowout, so no harm no foul. At this point, we had been on the streets for a few hours, and both of us were getting worn out from the low volume and the hot sun. As we discovered a new part of town where we could walk, Investor mentioned two blondes behind us. I let them pass and told him if they are hot, I am opening. I looked at them and they were hot, so I looked at him and asked if he wants to join for 2 on 2. He shook his head so I went and opened, and he changed his mind and joined me shortly after my stack. Both blondes were cute and one of them did like my tease, but the other was on her phone, and they told us they were in a hurry for a restaurant reservation, but they thanked us for approaching before they left. I think I had a shot with the hotter one if it was 1 on 1, but that’s how it goes sometimes. We were at it for a bit over 3 hours, and each of us got 3 approaches in, without much to write home about. Still, it was a lot of fun, and the vibe was definitely up the whole time as we got along very well.

My advice for InvestorPUA

Since this happened a few weeks ago, I had some time to think about the experience, and Investor’s game in general. Like I said above, I do think his game at 50 approaches is better than mine when I was at that level, he seems to be going for tougher sets than I was at that point. However, I did notice that whenever we would see a cute girl with an average or below average guy, Investor would always notice and comment on it, and it seemed to bring his vibe down a bit. I think he focused too much on how if a guy like that can have a cute girl, why couldn’t he? My advice to him would be to focus on improving himself, as he doesn’t know the situation of those guys, and why those girls are with them, or how happy those guys are. Looks can be deceiving: it might look like a guy is with a hot girl, but she might be totally running the show and he could be very unhappy, it is hard to tell. The only thing a player can do is be better than yesterday, and improve his game and SMV. Focusing on other guys and wanting what they have leads to a lot of unhappiness, and all of us have to accept where we are in the present and focus on what we have to do to improve and become better.

Of course, his city also seems to have a volume problem, which makes it harder to generate good leads with cute girls, and every set feels a lot more valuable due to the volume issues. There is not much to do about that but look at what you can improve, and ignore what you can’t, as well as not focus on other guys and what they have. If Investor can focus on the process and enjoy the game for what it is without wishing to have what other guys have, I think he has a bright future ahead of him as a player. After all, as Krauser says, there is always a King of Kong. There is always someone better than you, someone who is banging a hotter, tighter, younger pussy than you. All you can do is work hard and improve what matters day by day, and eventually the results will be there!


I enjoyed meeting InvestorPUA, and the first time I met another player from Twitter was a blast. I was humbled when he said my blog inspired him in the beginning, as that was one of the main reasons I started it – to inspire other guys to dive into it and improve their skills with women rather than numb themselves with porn, social media, Netflix and video games. Sometimes change is hard and takes a while to get better, but it is always worth going for what you want, no matter how tough it is. To finish this post, checkout Investor on Twitter and give him a follow!

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