July Field Report: Instadate with Thicc African

“Freedom lies in being bold”

Robert Frost


I had came back from down South and been to my city in the Midwest for over a month in July, and daygame was very dismal – I had only been able to get maybe 15 sets the entire month. I had also tried nightgame a few times with a couple of wings, and the bars were also 50-70% emptier than they were before Corona. Obviously not a great time to be a player! However, I knew I had to persist and get out there and try to make things happen, even if the streets/malls/stores were pretty empty. I decided to go downtown on a beautiful Saturday, and told myself that even if there aren’t many sets, at least I will get some sun and enjoy walking around (which will help me with my cutting phase as well).

The Blonde

Almost as soon as I had parked my car and stepped into a park, I saw a cute blonde sitting on a bench. She looked at me and smiled – I had to go back and approach her! As soon as I turned back, she got up before seeing me and started to walk away, but I was only a few steps behind and was able to get in front of her and approach. The set was very flirty and the vibe was good – she was in town for only another day and was leaving Sunday, and she was about to go home to get ready to meet her friends as they were going out. I knew that despite her hooking pretty strongly, I likely wouldn’t be able to instadate her, so I suggested meeting up on Sunday before she leaves for a drink. I took her number, knowing that trying to get her out in such a short time frame likely wouldn’t happen (I was correct, she never responded to my feeler). I walked away from that set feeling great, as there were some good sexual spikes and she was very flirtatious, which made the vibe in the set feel good for the first approach of the day. The daygame gods didn’t want to smile on me in that set and let it be an instadate before she left town the next day, but them’s the breaks sometimes!

Instadate Incoming

Here’s the weird thing – I almost didn’t go out that Saturday as I wasn’t feeling it too much, but the weather was so nice that I forced myself to drive downtown. Goes to show you that you never know what will happen if you go out in the world and try to penetrate your will into it (and into girls’ vaginas ;)). After the set with the blonde, I headed downtown, hoping to see more sets. My walk towards the park was largely uneventful, without many people passing me by. The good vibe from the first set had carried me over and now I was ready to approach more, so I walked around when a thicc girl caught my eye – she was stationary, standing by and holding onto the rails with her back turned towards me. She had a nice looking juicy ass, and my instinct told me her curves were of Latina origin. She was wearing a nice fitted dress, so I had to go in and approach.

I walked up to her and delivered my direct opener, then realized she was on the phone, so I made that observation. She smiled and kept talking to me, so I kept the set going, stacking on my Latina hunch – she ended up being African, and then told me to hold on while she said something to her friend on the phone in one of those weird African languages, then hung up and suggested going for a walk. I was a bit surprised that she suggested that rather than me having to talk to her some more and suggest it myself, but I acted cool and smiled, then started to walk her towards an area of the park I knew had some good swings on – it was an instadate! I couldn’t believe that happened, and only about 20 mins after the first attempt with the blonde where I thought I would get an instadate, only to have to settle for her number, which ended up being a dead lead. That’s how daygame can be at times!

I made sure to vibe with Ashanti during the short walk towards the swing – she was 21 yrs old, lived on the opposite side of town from me, and was studying to be a nurse. Her family had gone out so she wanted to enjoy the beautiful day in the park, and then she ended up meeting a cool European like me – lucky her! She was a bit shy at first, but I got her to open up a bit more by carrying the convo at first and dropping DHV stories about travel. That got her to open up about her own travel stories, and also about her origin, as she told me more about Africa and how it was there. As we got to the swings, the two barely legal blondes sitting on the next one were staring at us – preselection baby! I made sure to introduce kino slowly and touch her shoulders and then hands, as she had a ring that I wanted to see. Things were going well, so I told her we should take a walk again – the swings area was too crowded for my liking, and I knew an area of the park which was a bit quieter, which would have made it much better for fast escalation.

As I mentioned, Ashanti had a thicc body with a nice big ass, and was pretty curvaceous (I would find out that she was actually a bit too curvaceous for my personal tastes later, but more on that in a bit). So what that meant was pretty much every black guy that walked past us as I was leading her towards the quieter area was staring at her, one even gave me a thumbs up, and some girls even complimented her on her nails (I made sure to fuck with her by saying “Thanks” to them though). This was a great example as to what young, pretty girls in their 20s feel just walking down the street – tons of dudes with no game that stare and/or creepily talk to them. Not a good look for the Midwest or the USA in general, but it is what it is!

As we took a seat again, there were very few people around – perfect for escalation! I had her talking and showing me pics and videos of her country, and I started to hold her hand, move my hands around her things, and going for the kiss. Everything was received well, and as I had my hand around her body I realized something – yeah, Ashanti was thicc, but as an Eastern European, she was a bit thicker than I would have liked. She probably had an extra 5-10 pounds on her, which her dress did a great job covering, and highlighting her big ass as well. I swear girls perform magic on daily basis just with their wardrobes! At that point, I knew I lived 30 mins away, and so did she, but as I escalated and she was receptive, I knew I had probably taken the instadate too far to not go for the close – so I suggested back to my place for a movie, and made it seem like I lived closer than I actually did. I thought she would be receptive, but then after at first seeming to want to go for it, she said she would have to go back home soon to her family, as they were getting back. I kept cool and changed the topic, hoping that I could change her mind in a few mins – despite her being a bit thicker than I like, something about her still turned me on, and I knew I had to go for it and try.

After a bit more making out and grabbing her ass meanwhile, I decided it was time to go for broke and see what happens. I walked with her a bit more and then suggested casually hanging out again, to which she gave the same response and said she is down next time. Deep down I knew I had went for it and felt good, while also having my sixth sense tell me that I would probably never see that girl again after our instadate was over. Would I have been able to get my first SDL if I had better logistics and my place was only a couple mins away walking distance? Probably, but I try not to think about that too much. I ran good game, and at the end it was good enough for an instadate which I didn’t expect, but not enough for the pull. Despite me seeding a few second date ideas and Ashanti actually adding to them and even suggesting a few things we could do herself, my sixth sense was correct – she never responded to my follow-up text after our date was over, and I never saw her again!


A couple of things I want to mention here – game post-Corona can be disheartening, especially for those of you who don’t live in a huge city like I do. Volume is a challenge, but you have to do your best and play the game anyway, and sometimes you will get rewarded with a solid number close/instadata/SDL.

The last thing I wanna mention – the SMP in most of the USA is fucked, and stacked against men. I am not saying this to complain (I have improved my game and SMV a ton the last few years), I am saying this as a European who lives in the US and has seen what the SMP is in places like Eastern Europe, and I am saying it to keep you sane – if you feel that deep down you should be getting better results than you actually are (assuming you game and approach of course), than you are probably right – it is just that the SMP in most of the US is heavily skewed towards women! Think about it – Ashanti was like I said, probably a few pounds overweight by my Eastern European standards. However, all the other guys that walked by didn’t think so, and made sure to stare at her and even give me a thumbs up, even as we were walking together. All a girl has to do in America is to be somewhat pretty (and she was pretty, even if not exactly slim) and wear a tight fitting dress that hides her fat and promotes her curves, and voila – guys are all over that! Would I have approached Ashanti if I was still in Eastern Europe? Maybe, maybe not – the quality is a lot higher over there, and it rewards daygamers with balls a lot more than over here in the Midwest, where 60% of the women are fat.

I wanna finish on a positive note though, and this seems to tie to the previous point – Ashanti told me at one point that when I approached her, she thought I was someone else. A few black guys had tried talking to her a few minutes before I approached her apparently, but doing it in the most creepy of ways – by talking to her as a group and basically catcalling her, at which point she told them no and got on the phone with her friend. She told me she was relieved when she found out it wasn’t them, and once I talked to her a bit she wanted to get to know me a bit so she let her friend go. So the silver lining is – good game still works, even in locations which aren’t ideal for it like the Midwest. And on that note, I have outlined a plan for myself that will enable me to daygame in better locations with higher volume and more beautiful girls. It will take me a bit of time to get all of that settled, but stay tuned! Midwest Daygame will soon be able to game in much better daygame cities consistently if all goes well, and I won’t have to spend so much time hunting for sets around here, getting few sets on most approach days. Until next time – see you guys!

One thought on “July Field Report: Instadate with Thicc African

  1. Great report, man. Very fun to read. A good day of game is energizing… and I can feel that energy in your post.

    One comment:

    >> all the other guys that walked by didn’t think so, and made sure to stare at her and even give me a thumbs up, even as we were walking together

    She sounds like men find her to be sexy. And she got hit on before you open her, so she might have that kind of appeal.

    But there is also a very good chance that the two of you together had good sexual chemistry and people were noticing all of that. It was a hot date. You guys made out. So it wasn’t just her, it was the impact of you/her on a date, charged atmosphere, and people were staring at you guys and your vibe… not just her.

    We talk about “preselection” when we have a girl with us. And that we’ll get checked out more when we’re with a girl… and sometimes I think that is true. But we also CREATE SEXUAL CHEMISTRY when we run good game, and that attracts attention. It’s not all “her” being with us that is getting us looks… it’s what we build with her, and people feel that, and that’s why we get checked out.

    Great report, man. Viva daygame.


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