Daygame in NYC: Near Miss With a Teen Model

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”

Tom Wolfe


As you know if you follow me on Twitter, I spent some time in NYC recently. I had planned to visit earlier in the year, around May, but the lockdown prevented that from happening. I had wanted to visit NYC for two reasons: I was always curious to see the city itself, as I had heard great things about it, and is what you could consider the most European city on this side of the ocean. The second reason, of course, was daygame – I started my daygame journey in the Midwest and had done most of my sets in places like malls, grocery stores, department stores, and some on college campuses. I had always wanted, however, to try my game in a pedestrian city to experience what high foot traffic is like, as well as give me the opportunity to improve my front stop. I will write more about my overall experience in a later blog post, as I had a lot of fun in NYC, and a lot of good stories to tell. In this story, however, I will focus on an unusual approach of a girl that ended up being a nineteen year old model, and talk about my experiences and what I learned from meeting her.

The Unusual Approach

It was my second day in NYC. I have to admit, the first day was a bit overwhelming for me – I will go into more detail once I write up a blog post on my overall experience daygaming in NYC (coming soon), but daygaming only on the street, perfecting my front stop and approaching in a new, larger city with a lot more foot traffic than I am used to were some of the reasons why it took me a bit of time to get used to all of it. I had done four sets since my arrival in NYC, and after meeting up with an old friend who lives around I was about to meet up for another daygame session with Breeze and the pickup artist formerly known as Mr.V.

It was my first time in NYC, and I walked down to the subway station to catch my train. As it was my first using the subway in NYC, I was naturally questioning whether I am at the right one or not, and was looking at my phone to double check, with thoughts on the back of my mind around asking for help to ensure I get on the right train. That’s when I saw Julia – she was a slim brunette with darker skin and what seemed to be a good rack for a girl her size. I was attracted to her instantly – my first thought was that she could help me get on the right train, while immediately after my second thought was that I should approach her.

Despite this being an unusual spot to approach for me and given that I was still getting used to approaching in NYC, I have to say I am proud that I felt no hesitation whatsoever while walking towards Julia and saying the first thing on my mind, which was that I wasn’t sure if I was at the right spot to catch my train or not. She made eye contact as I was walking towards her, and she stood up as I showed her my phone and asked her if she knew I was at the right spot or not. She grabbed my phone pretty quickly, which my mind later thought was a good sign, given that she was comfortable coming close to me as we talked about the directions. She told me she had just moved to NYC yesterday and she wasn’t too sure, but thought this was the right train – and I told her I just got here yesterday too, so we had that in common. She seemed to like that fact, and I teased her that she should help me make sure I got on the right train. I then had to show some intent, so on top of holding strong eye contact and sitting right next to her, I told her I found her attractive and liked her style, while teasing her about her outfit a bit. She lit up and started to qualify herself a bit – told me she is a model right away, and I teased her about walking the catwalk. I introduced some touch as the train was taking forever, and she took touches well on the shoulder and then on the thigh, while eye contact was still pretty strong – things were going well, despite the unusual approach. She later told me she is still 19 and wants to make it big in NYC, which is why she had moved here – to pursue her fashion passion. She was talking a lot – telling me about other stuff she likes such as dancing and writing, while I was directing the convo. I told her that it is a small world given that both of us got here the day before, and played up the fun and spontaneous factor of meeting random people with which you have a connection. She seemed to love that, and I did mention catching up over a drink in the park to share our NYC experiences when we meet again. Julia was keen so I grabbed her number right there, while we sat together at the station.

We got on the subway together, and I teased her that she is responsible for me meeting my friends and not getting lost on my second day in NYC. I also made sure to weave in some DHV stories, like telling her about London when she said she would love to model there after a year or so in NYC. She kept talking a lot and fast, which was a good sign, and I kept directing the convo in ways that showed off the spontaneous and fun aspect of two strangers new to NYC meeting each other, and how it must be fate. I also ensured I did light kino and touched her thigh a few more times, with her again taking that very well. As she told me I have to take the next stop, I seeded the date idea once again – going to the park together and sharing a drink while each of us tells stories about NYC and what we had explored. Then I got off the subway to meetup with Breeze and V, realizing the fact that this was in some ways like an instadate, and I had spent maybe 30 mins with Julia. I had a good feeling about this one as I was telling them the story of how I met her, and how unusual that approach ended up being. I also thought to myself that if I didn’t do daygame, I would have likely not pursued her as much as I did, and I wouldn’t have realized she was interested in me and liked me. Lesson in there: even if you approach in unusual circumstances in an indirect way, if your game is good enough, you can realize that the opportunity is there for the taking and pursue it further. Viva daygame!

The Date

I pinged Julia that same night after I got home and she was very responsive over text, replying quickly to my messages. After about 3-4 texts back and forth, I told her to meet me for a drink, and she agreed to meet on Tuesday night, two days after meeting her on Sunday at the subway station. She sent me a text she would be half an hour late a couple of hours before the date, and I made sure to tease her for it over text, ensuring I keep the vibe playful.

I was out and about in NYC that day before the date, ensuring I got more approaches done to get more leads, as I was only staying for a little over a week. I made sure to walk by the park we were meeting at, scope out the stores around it, and found one right next to the park where we could grab drinks before walking over to the park and sharing the drinks there while we had our date. It is super important that as a man, you always move things forward confidently, and doing this research before the date helped me lead her there naturally later when we met up. An added bonus: I actually approached an eighteen year old student right in front of that store and I felt like she would have been down to go on an instadate, but I had to take her number, as I wanted to approach more and also didn’t wanna run too close to my date with Julia .

I made my way over to the park, running a few minutes late as I usually do when I go on dates. Julia texted me to let me know she is running a bit behind, but she got there a few minutes after I did. As we met up I gave her a hug and teased her about being late again, setting a playful vibe to the interaction. “But I am only 16 minutes late, that’s not a lot!” she protested. “Maybe where you come from, but 16 minutes is a lot here in NYC.” I said, as both of us smiled. Then I lead her to the nearby store, giving her the task to help me choose a drink for both of us. She wasn’t helping much so I had to take charge and grab something of my choosing, and we made it over to the park, where we sat on a bench as we started talking and drinking.

The date was a lot of fun, and we actually had a lot in common. I made sure to overhype the spontaneous element – how we met, how both of us are new to NYC, how it is good for people to go with the flow and enjoy themselves, etc. Julia was eating all of it right up, opening up even more to me in the process – telling me how her family is the exact opposite way, how strict they are compared to how open and go with the flow she is, how that was one of the reasons she wanted to move away to NYC. I made sure to run the usual kino, and she was receptive to all my touches, as well as keeping strong eye contact and responding well to my teases. The date was going super well, and as we talked, we kept drinking and talking about our experiences, NYC, traveling, ambitions, and such. As we were finishing up our drinks, I knew it was time to move things forward.

The Bounce

I made sure to get Julia’s logistics, and she said she had to do something with her roommate later, but had a bit more time. Since the date was going well, I offered to show her around the neighborhood I was staying at, and she was keen. We kept talking while we walked towards my Airbnb, and I slowly started to weave in sexual references in our chat, which went well, with her contributing to the conversation and sharing some stories as well. We were about 5 mins away from my place when I was talking about apartments in NYC and Julia said “Do you have a good view?” and I of course said “You can find out for yourself!” Sometimes, it is that easy to bounce a girl back to your place, given that the date is going well. We kept talking for a few more minutes as we walked towards my place, then I told her we had arrived and told her we can hang out there for a bit and that I would show her the view. Zero objections as we went up the stairs and to my Airbnb. Good game and good escalation on my part up until that point, and a fun date for both of us.

I gave Julia some time to get used to the apartment as I showed her around the small NYC apartment, and she commented her apartment was similar size, and we both laughed at how small apartments in a city like NYC can be. Looking back on this moment, I probably didn’t give Julia as much time to get used to the apartment as I thought. We sat on the couch, and we talked a bit as I started to escalate things. I asked Julia what she liked about me at one point in the process – “I liked your vibe and adventurous spirit, which I share. If I am being honest, I also thought you were good-looking!” I could tell she found me attractive by different actions on her part, but it was good to get that confirmed. We started making out, and shortly after I had her on top of me, as she was riding me through our clothes as I was feeling up her body. She went off after a bit, saying “Not tonight” with a mischievous smile. I knew what that meant, and so I went back to talking for a few minutes. I was going to be in NYC for about a week, and I think that fact made me a bit more eager than I should have been when I had girls on my couch, but I will talk about that in detail in my later post about NYC daygame. Shortly after, Julia and I were making out again, and this time I pulled her shirt up and sucked on her surprisingly large tits for her size. She moaned a bit, but after a while she again stepped aside and told me “Next time” while I took it with a smile and went back to chatting again. We did this a couple of more times, and I kept making progress each time, almost undressing her the last time when she rolled off again. I hadn’t experienced something like this in a while, so after a few times I just told myself that’s enough for tonight, I will try again next time if I can get her out. Some girls won’t have sex on the first date even if they like you, but I think I didn’t give Julia enough time before the first time I started to escalate, and also in between separate escalation attempts. I was a bit overeager at times to start the process since it felt so on, and she kept very strong eye contact as we talked, which was very sexual.

After chatting a bit, she told me that she had to go and help her roommate, which she had mentioned in the park as well. She also told me she had travelled 45-50 mins to see me as she showed me her way back via the subway when I teased her not to get lost. That surprised me a bit, I thought she lived closer, but also told me things were on, and if I changed a few things I possibly could have turned the near miss to a lay. I walked Julia out while suggesting another meetup to explore NYC, and she seemed keen to do that later, as her modeling job wouldn’t start for another month or so. We made out as I let her go towards her subway stop. She responded right away as I sent her another message, but then ignored the first date request, then pinged me later and seemed keen to meet again, but the second date request also didn’t go anywhere as I told her I was leaving town in a couple of days. Could I have gotten her out again if I had more time in NYC? Who knows, maybe I would have been able to do that and gotten the lay, but I still enjoyed how fast I was able to make things happen, and the experience was fun – two people, new to NYC who were attracted to each other met after 3 days in the big city, and enjoyed each other’s company. I also hadn’t experienced LMR like that one for quite some time, and I think some of my reaction to it wasn’t the best, I wasn’t cool enough. You live and you learn! Next day, I hit the streets again, generating new leads and having fun.

Lessons Learned

  • Daygame can help in any situation – here I was, thinking about getting on the subway when I met Julia. Before I daygamed seriously and approached regularly, I would have asked her for directions, but then I would have thought she was being nice and likely wouldn’t have had the confidence of pursuing such a beautiful girl. Now, however? I knew I had to shoot my shot and grabbed her number, then got her out on a date and back to my place, and was very close to having sex with her as our mutual attraction was evident. Being able to meet women anywhere, anytime is a big appeal to good daygame, and I am happy to say that I was able to do that on my second game in NYC, despite this being a little bit of an unexpected opportunity
  • You can escalate too fast – a few years ago, I was more scared anytime I had to make a move and kiss a girl, or otherwise put my balls on the line. I would do it anyway most of the time, but it would make me nervous. Now that I have more experience however, I feel no hesitation in making moves and seeing where I stand. In fact, on my trip to NYC I was perhaps moving things too quickly! Of course, that was due to the fact that I was only there for a week, and I wanted to make things happen. I have to say that fast escalation is something that every player should be capable of, but also calibration is important – sometimes it’s good to chill out more and give girls time. I could have let Julia feel more comfortable in my Airbnb before making my first move, and just dragged out the seduction dance more. Of course, all of that could have led to the same outcome, but I am always looking to improve my game, and I believe that could have made the small difference between a near miss and the lay
  • Always lead forward confidently- I didn’t know NYC, so I had to stop by the park before the date and find out where a store was. Why? So on the date, I could lead Julia there with full confidence and no hesitation. What would I have done if I didn’t do that? I would have struggled to find a store, would have had to look on my phone, and that would have taken her focus away from fun onto how it took me time to figure things out, and attraction would have dwindled. I avoided all of that by being ready and prepared. And I also met a NYU student I would end up going on a date with later on the week as I was scouting the area too, you can’t beat that! Stay tuned for a blog post about her as well
  • NYC is likely the best city for daygame in the US – Even during Corona times, there is so much volume of girls in NYC! I could step out of my apartment and sometimes see a cute girl within a minute! And as mentioned above, I met girls whom I had near misses with in situations which just don’t happen often in the Midwest, where you have to drive anywhere. Given how pedestrian NYC is, it’s an awesome place to get a lot of volume and learn good daygame, even if girls aren’t as hot and receptive as in Europe. Speaking of NYC daygame, stay tuned – I will write a blog post about my overall experience and learnings from my week in NYC soon. Until next time!

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  1. “… my first thought was that she could help me get on the right train, while immediately after my second thought was that I should approach her.”

    Lies! It was the other way around 😂


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