Guest Post: Brown Daygamer’s Las Vegas Experience

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

Some married dude, probably


I have been busy with a lot recently, and truthfully I have been neglecting this blog, even though I do have good stories to share! Being in EE right now, there are lots of hot girls around, and when you add other stuff I have going on, I have been slacking on keeping you guys updated on my progress (although I did get a +1 recently!) But enough about me – Brown Daygamer was recently in Vegas, and he asked me to share his story there with all the readers of my blog, since he doesn’t have one of his own yet. So here it is, unedited from the man himself!

My Daygame Trip Experience In Las Vegas

I just completed my first daygame trip to a different city in USA. Although I would’ve liked my first daygame trip to be somewhere in Europe, Poland or Prague. One of my friend (he does nightgame mostly but have dabbled into daygame a bit) was already going to las Vegas for few days and asked me if I want to join him. I had few days if vacation left so I thought why not. It’s summer here, girls are out and about, and Vegas as I have heard is always lit. So I booked 6 days trip to Vegas including the weekends as I did want to checkout the nightclub scene over there.  My friend was staying there for 7 days and got to the hotel 1 day before me. 

My trip was off to a great start as I met a hot blonde American girl sitting right next to me on the flight for 5 hours. We were in a row with 3 seats, she was in window seat and I was in the aisle seat, thankfully there was no one sitting in the middle. After few small chit chats, we started having a real conversation, I ran my typical date routine with topics I would talk about in venue 1 and eventually venue 2. We talked about some sexual topics and I escalated with some kino touching on her arms, shoulders and palm reading routine. She was very receptive and investing a lot. 

I asked her logistics early on during the conversation to figure out how I want to move this further once we land. She mentioned she is returning from Dominican Republic after 2 weeks of vacation (My mind thought: Yes! A girl who likes to travel). However, right after she mentioned that she has another connecting flight from the Vegas airport at 6 AM (we were supposed to land at 12:15 AM in vegas). She also said I wish I had planned this better, I don’t have any hotel booked for the layover so I am just going to spent the night at the airport. I thought Bam! This is the perfect situation to invite her out with me to explore the Vegas strip and then invite her back to my room for little rest. Vegas strip is just 10 mins cab ride from the airport and my hotel was right on the strip. 

So I seeded the pull as we landed and her mind started wondering, coming up with various scenarios. At one point she said yea maybe its better than waiting at the airport but she had also mentioned earlier that she was super tired and hadn’t slept for 30 hrs. As we were walking out of the gate I pushed for the pull again and this time she said No I don’t think its a good idea. I am not dressed to go out and super tired plus I have a bag checked in as well. But she did appreciate the gesture and the conversation we had in the flight. As I tweeted about this, she did mention “You’ll find plenty of girls to have fun in Vegas”

As for daygame stats, see below for the breakdown. I did 54 sets in total (this includes solo sets and group sets). I counted group set as 1 approach and I didn’t count any sets I approached in the nightclubs. 

Approaches: 54

Number closes: 14

Responded to my feeler text: 3

Instant dates: 2 

Date 1: 0

Lays: 0

I mainly approached in the casino floors, hotel lobby, shopping mall, and on the street. Most of the girls were in sets of 2 or more. I struggled finding solo sets. Only few solo sets I found turned into idates. 

Insta-date 1: I opened a girl in the mall nearby, she was a  cute petite latina wearing a short with her ass cheeks hanging out. Saw her walking solo in the mall and I approached her. She was visiting vegas for 5 days with family and was just shopping around in the mall while her family was back in the hotel gambling. She seemed on so I took her on an iDate at the starbucks in food court. After few mins I seeded the walk near by the strip to see the casinos. She agreed, the vegas strip was 5 mins walk from the mall so we walked to the strip and saw few casinos. I seeded a drink at the bar but she says she doesn’t drink so I seed non alcoholic drinks in my room. It was hot outside so I said let’s go back to my room, listen to some music, have some drinks and then we come out after an hour to explore rest of the strip. She agreed and we were on our way to my room. As soon as we got off the elevator on the floor, I noticed her being a bit hesitant and having some thoughts in her mind. I kept talking bullshit to get her out of her head but as soon as we reached my door, she said she can’t come in and needs to go back to her family now. She suggested we can meet later but I never heard from her again. 

Insta-date 2: The 2nd instant date was with a hot black girl visiting from Caribbean islands. She was walking on the casino floor, looking for slots machine. I approached her and found out she is visiting alone. I thought ok this could be good. After few mins, I seeded a drink at the casino/hotel bar that I was staying at and she agreed. We spent 1 hr in the bar and I tried to seed next drink in my room. She knew what was going on and said don’t try to bring me back to your room, I am not coming. I switched the topic and talked about something else. After few mins, I seeded a drink at another bar on the strip since I felt she wasn’t ready for a pull yet. But then she denied to go to other bar and said she has to go back to her hotel to change and come back out again at night. She suggested we should meet at night, I texted her later but again didn’t hear from her. 

 I was talking to some guys who had been to vegas before and Pancake Mouse pointed out why I couldn’t find solo sets and trouble getting girls to respond to my text. He said 

“It’s important to remember a girl’s goals when she’s in Vegas: to have fun with friends. It’s very unlikely that you’re going to meet a girl out on the strip and pull her away from her friends for an instadate, much less get her out on a date some other time.” 

This hit home for me and I understood that Vegas is not a good city for daygame. Clearly girls are hot here, but they are also here to have fun with friends celebrating birthdays, bachelorette parties with their friends. Yes, they are in party mood and easiest way to pull them for a lay is definitely nightgame. 

I went to nightclubs 3 nights in row and it was a nightmare for me. I don’t do much nightgame but I tried to push myself these 3 nights. I approached girls on the dance floor, walking around the club, by the restroom, etc. yes, most girls were receptive but it was just too loud to have any conversation and after 2 mins either their friends pulled them away or they said “I have to find my friends”. I also saw guys who had reserved tables pulling girls away to offer free drinks and dance with them. Breeze recently wrote an excellent piece describing his experience in nightclub scene here so I won’t go much into the details. 

Overall, If I look at the trip from non/daygame lense then I had a great time exploring the casinos, having some good food, living the Vegas experience of a city that never sleeps and winning some $$ from gambling which covered my flight cost. But as for daygame experience, I would not recommend this city. It may be good for nightgame if you are intermediate/advanced nightgamer. 

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