Remembrance of Things Past: My Top Lays Before Daygame Part I

“Study the past if you would define the future.”



This is a blog post I have wanted to write for a while. It was inspired by this post by Redpilldad, which describes his first pick-up lays before starting his blog. It got me thinking about my own lays before I started daygaming, and I realized that there are a lot of good stories I can write about: before starting daygame, I have had around 20-25 lays from social circle and doing online game for a few years. Looking back on some of them, I realize how little game I had in some instances, but it didn’t end up mattering: a lot of the time, as long as a girl is into you, you can mess up everything but escalating over time and you would still fuck her. That is something that I learned early – you have to shoot your shot and go for it, even if you think the girl is not there yet. Often times, especially if you are new to game, it will surprise you how soon a girl will fuck you if you lead her towards it. I will try to keep these in chronological order, as well as write down a few notes/observations about what made the lay interesting.

My first lay in America: the half Latina with a great ass

I am starting with this lay because it has so many great stories and lessons in it. Up to this point, the couple of lays I had were pretty usual teenage lays, super boring and nothing to write about. But this one was different: I was in college in the US, miles away from any family I had. I was working a part-time job to make ends meet, but I noticed I was getting attention from all the women there after I started. Looking back, it made sense – I was new and shiny. There weren’t too many Europeans in that part of the US, and I was young, ambitious and good-looking. I was skinny compared to the way I have build my physique by working out now, but even without being super fit I could tell girls were into me, and sometimes they were pretty open about it too. One of the girls, Carla, I had noticed as soon as I started: she was half Latina half white, pretty short brunette, but what made her great was that ass. She had a nice round ass, the type that made you want to grab it and have fun with it. She was super friendly and we worked together a lot, and I found out she had a boyfriend and two kids. In my mind back then, that meant she was off limits, but we would occasionally flirt and I could tell she liked me. Carla was a bit older than me – I was 19 at the time and she was 22.

There was another Mexican girl that worked with us, Jimena – she was my age (I am mentioning Jimena because she is very, very important to the story!) We went to the same college, and I could tell she liked me too. I had a lot of fun at my part-time job knowing it had nothing to do with my field and it was just a side job for money, and getting along with everyone made me popular: Jimena was also flirting with me when we worked together, but she also had a boyfriend – an Arabic dude who was super obsessed with her (he is also important to the story, as you will find out when I write about the next lay). I would see Jimena at school every once in a while and we would stop by and talk, and eventually we exchanged numbers and would text here and there.

Pretty soon, I started to work a lot with Carla, and we got to know each other better. I had just started to workout and was telling everyone how much I enjoyed it (even though looking back, I realize I was making a ton of rooking mistakes) and how good a workout made me feel. Carla would always laugh and flirt when I talked about the gym, and eventually she started telling me that her boyfriend was playing video games all the time. I was pretty cocky and made fun of it, and she loved every second of it. As we got closer, she even started mentioning how she thinks he watches porn a lot, because he wouldn’t want to have sex with her after she came back from work. I wanted to fuck her, but my game wasn’t that good and I had no idea what to do about the fact that she had a boyfriend, so flirting at work it was – I felt like she was off limits, even though I knew she was into me.

Going back to Jimena – eventually, she broke up with her boyfriend, and when we worked together we would flirt more and more. We started texting each other more, and eventually started hanging out at school – she introduced me to a couple of her Mexican friends as well (one was smoking hot!) At some point, he mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was a virgin and wanted to keep pure for her and marry her. I called him a loser with a smirk on my face, and she loved it. School was going well, and I was getting attention from multiple women – I felt good and it was showing. Jimena and I were hanging out together a lot, even though she hadn’t accepted my invitations to come back to my place (yet!)

Now here is the kicker (and I found this out later) -apparently, Jimena mentioned to Carla that we were hanging out, and apparently teased her about it, since she knew Carla liked me too. Carla lived a few houses away from the house I was renting at the time, and since I didn’t own a car sometimes she would give me a ride home when both of us got off work at the same time. A month or so before this had happened, she was dropping me off at my house and we just stayed in the car talking. We exchanged numbers in case I needed a ride, and I could tell that she was expecting something. But I didn’t have the game to pull it off: I kept thinking about her boyfriend and kids, and I didn’t pull the trigger.

What did Carla do once she found out Jimena was hanging out with me? Well, apparently Carla was super competitive behind her mask of being super sweet. She texted me one Friday night, asking me if I was off work – she worked earlier that day and knew roughly what time I was getting off. I told her I was at my house, and at that time I was also texting Jimena, who was asking me a bunch of questions trying to get to know me – at that point, having almost no game, I was happy she was giving me attention and things between us were progressing, but not too fast. And then, as I was texting both Carla and Jimena, Carla sent me something like this: “Can I come over so we can fuck?” I was like holy shit – I had never really gotten a message this forward from a girl before! I got two messages from Jimena right after that, and my inexperienced mind thought that somehow they were on it together… (as I said, later I found out Jimena made fun of Carla that she was winning my affections, and Carla did what she felt was right at the moment to win – she tried to fuck me). You wanna know what I did? I sent a text saying something like “come over and let’s talk”. Yes, I am serious. Then, she sent “not to talk, to fuck”. I am cringing just writing this, but long story short – Carla came over in a jacket with a super sexy night gown underneath, and once I saw her in it everything went smooth -I fucked her hard and she loved it, and I made sure to nail her doggy to spank and enjoy her magnificent ass. After fucking her for a bit, I asked her to suck my cock and I kid you not, she said “No! That cock is dirty, Jimena has sucked it already” Apparently fucking me was okay, but giving me a blowjob wasn’t because Carla thought I had already fucked Jimena – gotta love girl logic! I smiled and assured her she hadn’t, and then she had a huge smile on her face. She sucked my cock for a bit and then I sent her home after I came – she was super worried and told me she waited for her boyfriend to fall asleep and then immediately texted me to fuck – gotta give it to her, she did everything she could to fuck me, and I needed it, my rookie game wasn’t good enough to take the small chances I had with her. Next morning at work, she was super giggly and happy, and apparently her boyfriend was still sound asleep, having no idea what his girlfriend had just done. We became fuck buddies for a few months until I moved to a different state, and eventually she let me fuck her ass – I still remember how great I felt fucking her asshole doggie style and enjoying the awesome view. By the end of our romance, I did pretty much everything I wanted to her, and both of us loved it – she told me repeatedly she wasn’t getting it rough and long enough from her boyfriend, and she loved my passion and youth. We were a great match sexually and I learned a lot about women and feminine energy from her.

There were a lot of lessons learned from this one for my young 19-year old self:

  • Beautiful women compete for men. I could tell Carla liked me, but as soon as she found out that Jimena and I were hanging out more and more and Jimena bragged to her about it (apparently she was a bitch to Carla about it too, as Carla was telling me later after one of the times we fucked), so Carla decided to take matter into her hands and straight up offer to come to my place to fuck me. Even if your game isn’t smooth, having more than one woman compete for you can make it super easy for you to nail both
  • Don’t let your guard down – apparently, Carla’s boyfriend was the guy who had all the parties at his house during high school (she never went to college), and naturally they hooked up, as beautiful women are attracted to guys with high status. Then they had kids, and apparently her boyfriend was unemployed making some income by selling weed, but he played a lot of video games and apparently had no desire for sex with her most of the time, and I could tell she was frustrated by it when she was telling me about it. Having someone with a lot of sexual energy like me was welcome for her, and she loved how sexual I always was with her – she loved being treated like a sex object before returning home to her boyfriend and kids
  • Looks can be deceiving – I thought Carla was flirtatious, but I also thought she was a good girl who loved her boyfriend and kids and would never do something like that in a million years. Boy, how stupid was I! She loved rough sex, she loved anal, she loved giving me blowjobs – she just loved pleasing me in any way possible. One time I told her I wanna fuck her ass (before we had anal for the first time), she said no – then next time she came ready and told me I can fuck her ass today. Another time I teased her for not shaving her pussy and told her to come back clean shaven next time, and she did. If a woman is into you enough, she will do whatever you want just to please you

But What Happened to Jimena???

You are probably thinking to yourself – yes, he nailed Carla! But what about Jimena??? Well, long story short, I nailed Jimena too, and that story ended in a completely different way compared to how great everything was between Carla and I all the time until I moved to a different state. So let’s dive into it and see what happened between Jimena and I!

I could tell she was a bit shy about hanging out at my place after I suggested it in front of her friends. Both of her hot friends were shocked that I had the balls to ask that in front of them , as I could tell by their grins and looks at Jimena. Looking back on it, I failed to isolate before asking so I likely pushed sex back a bit with that move, but at the time I didn’t care, I was finally becoming more confident making moves quicker and not waiting for things to happen. Eventually, her brother would give me rides back to my house, and then we would end up falling asleep talking on the phone. I still hadn’t fucked her. Then, one day at work we were having lunch together and I mentioned once again that she should come over so we can hang out, and this time she actually said yes -I had gotten her warmed up to the idea. She had her brother drop her off at my place after work one day when I was off, and we hung out at my place. We fucked, but the sex wasn’t that passionate – even though on the surface we seemed like a great match, the passion and excitement I had every time Carla came over just wasn’t there (and yes, I was fucking Carla during this time too). Jimena and I kept going out for a few more weeks and fucking, but eventually we drifted apart and broke up on good terms – we still worked together and all was well, nothing was weird. Eventually, she went back to her ex, and I kept teasing her about it and making fun of him for waiting to have sex with her. Once I moved, apparently Carla couldn’t contain herself and told her that her and I were fucking for months – Jimena sent me an angry text that contained a pic with her current bf, mentioning how this is what true love is and how much of an asshole I was. I left that bitch on read, and we have never talked since then… (Same is true with Carla as well – once I moved, we haven’t contacted each other at all.)

Lessons Learned:

  • Sex is super important – on the surface, Jimena and I seemed like a much better match than Carla and I. Jimena was my age, educated, smart, ambitious, independent. Carla was older, not very smart, had a boyfriend and kids. But to this day, Carla remains one of the most passionate woman I have ever fucked – the sex was unbelievable each time, there was so much passion and attraction between us that both of us were loving pleasing each other. Jimena, on the other hand, was super boring in bed, and sex with her felt more like a chore to get over with than rough, passionate sex. No wonder we had to break up pretty quickly
  • Don’t be that guy – Jimena’s ex (and then current bf after we broke up) was a typical nice guy – Arabic, ton of money, but fat and virgin who loved her so much and put her on a pedestal, and wanted to marry her and then have sex with her. Jimena’s friends loved when I made fun of him and laughed a lot. Jimena looked at me like she upset when I made those jokes, but she had a smile on her face and loved that I had the balls to talk like that about her ex. Looking back on it, I am sure it turned her on and got her to fuck me quicker than anticipated, as she had only been with one guy prior to fucking me, and even though I felt like things between us progressed slowly, she was just one of those girls who wasn’t super sexual and made guys wait to sniff the pussy

But Wait, There’s More!

I just realized that I remember the lays above in more detail than I thought, and thus this blog post will likely become too long if I write about some of my other lays as part of this post as well. Stay tuned, part II of my lays before daygame will be coming soon!

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