Remembrance of Things Past: My Top Lays Before Daygame Part III

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”



This is Part III consisting of my top lays before I started daygaming, and it will be the last part. Here are the links to Part I and Part II. I started daygaming on March 1st 2019, and the two lays described here took place in late 2018 and early 2019, respectively. At this point in my journey, I was already reading a decent amount of the self-improvement posts on the TRP Reddit, and was consciously trying out the different dating advice, trying to figure out which pieces fit with my personality and vibe. Looking back on the lays from Part I and thinking about the lays I will write about here in Part III, it amazes me how far I had come in my journey even before I started daygaming. The lays picked here are similar in a way: both online and both happened fast, but they also differ a bit, and the two girls are also pretty different. Let’s dive into it!

The Chinese Girl From Tinder

I was on a business trip for my work, and I was with a few of my coworkers. We went out for dinner, then another coworker and I went to the hotel gym to do a quick cardio session. We talked and joked around for a bit, then after we were done I went back to my room and was about to take a shower when I decided to check the dating apps I was on, since I got a few notifications about matches. At that point, I hadn’t been with an Asian girl, and up until a couple of years ago I didn’t really find them that attractive. But this girl had caught my eye and she had swiped right on me too: she was 20 years old, brunette and tiny, but seemed to have a nice body with curves in the right places. She responded immediately to my message and after 2-3 messages back and forth, I told her I was here on business and invited her to hang out at my hotel. She responded pretty well and asked me where I was staying, and told me she lived about 10 minutes away. We exchanged numbers and pretty quickly she told me she doesn’t have her car, so I would have to pick her up or call her an Uber. I knew I just had to not fuck it up after that message, and played it cool. I told her to wear something sexy for me, and told her to surprise me after she asked what she should wear. She also asked me if I wear ties, and told me she’s “a slut for men in ties”. I was getting all green lights and she was a definite yes girl, but my escalation was also on point.

She took a quick shower and then gave me her address, and I went to pick her up. I checked the time out of curiosity – from the time we matched to Tinder to the time I picked her up, it was about 70 minutes. She had a cute schoolgirl outfit on – I had a feeling and asked her “You don’t have any underwear, do you?” and she shook her head without saying anything. I liked that a lot – this girl was super horny and ready. The ride back to my hotel was around 10 minutes, and I made sure to grab her body and make out with her at the stop lights. It was around 11 pm on a weekday at that point, so there weren’t that many cars on the road. As soon as we got into the hotel elevator, I pushed her towards the wall and started to make out with her and grab her ass and tits. She was super horny and let out a moan, and was kissing me with a burning passion. This was my first Asian girl, and I was super turned on by her. I discovered she wore a feather butt plug when we got to my room, and that made me even more aroused. She wasn’t as good as I had hoped giving head, but she was very submissive and responded well to choking and spanking. She loved being fucked hard and rough, and had very sensitive little perky tits with surprisingly large nipples for their size. She enjoyed being with me and took my lead while we fucked, which is always a good sign.

After we fucked, I knew I would never see this girl again so we talked about sex in general and exchanged some stories. She told me she is fond of European men – there was a Russian guy that comes in her work and she said “the things I want to do with him!” Apparently, he was 65! Not surprised about it, I dug a bit deeper and she told she likes older guys, and that she is shy about going to bars and clubs, so she hooks up with guys from Tinder a lot, and they are usually older than her, sometimes by a lot. She also told me her slutty school girl outfit she was wearing was bought by some guy, and after teasing her she admitted that guys often buy her sexy outfits. I wasn’t too surprised to hear all that, but it was nice to hear a girl who was super honest about everything we talked about, since she knew she would never see me again.

After I dropped her off back at her place (apparently she lived with her parents during the summer while not in college, and she had told them she was out meeting a friend), I was driving back to my hotel and I got thinking – I had just had sex with a girl a little over an hour after meeting her. I was proud of how far I had come when it comes to escalating with women – I went from almost never escalating unless I was sure they like me to this night, where I went for the lay and made it happen by escalating all the way and making my intentions clear. Yes, this girl was definitely a yes girl for me, but plenty of other guys would probably still have screwed it up. Hell, I would have screwed it up a few years ago probably – by never going for fast sex. I was happy with how far I had progressed, and even though I went to bed around 2 am and had to work early the next morning, I felt great. And you wanna know the funny thing? I don’t remember her name at all…

The Jamaican Girl

I had matched with a girl online – she was black, her profile said she was 21-22, and she looked very slim, a little bit different than black girls I had usually seen. It turned out she was Jamaican, was in my city for work for a few months as a hotel worker, and was bored out of her mind. She suggested we meetup after a few messages as she didn’t know the city or where to go, but I was going out with friends that Friday night, so I told her I would take her out to a good place for a drink on Saturday. She agreed and I stayed until 2 am, so I took the next morning to recover and sleep in and then sent her a message. Miss Jamaica was keen to meet and sent me a couple pics and videos, and her body looked even better than her pics she had online, so I was excited. It turned out she didn’t drive and needed me to pick her up, so I told her to wear something sexy for me and went to pick her up. I had a good feeling about this.

I arrived at her apartment complex and she came out in a dress, looking really good, with her hair made. I could tell she was dressed to fuck, and was pleased to see her curvaceous figure for a girl her size. She got in the car and right away there was chemistry between us, and she gave me a compliment on the way I was dressed so I knew it was on. I was getting turned on by her body and the surprisingly large tits and ass she had for a girl so short, and my brain was already thinking about bringing her back to my place. She told me she is actually 19 when I told her we should go have a drink, and it was raining so my brain already had an idea – let’s go back to my place and hang out and have a drink there. She agreed and we were on our way. It was around 15-20 minute drive so I made sure to keep the convo light, and to her credit she was actually a cool girl so she made it easy. She told me she had a girlfriend in Jamaica after I teased her a bit, and that gave me plenty of things to talk and joke about.

Before too long, we made it to my place and I put some Netflix on. She immediately sat close to me, so it was all looking good. We watched a bit of The Office as I was making my move, and she enjoyed it. We started making out and she was using a lot of tongue and going for it, which is always a good sign. As I was running my hands over her body and we were making out, she got on top of me and we kept making out as I was taking her clothes off. Then, it came: the LMR! It was very weird and unlike anything I had seen before – she stopped kissing me and asked “You would want to see me again, right?” I looked her in the eye and just said “Yes”. And it was over, just like that! We went back to making out, and I got her completely naked. Her boobs and ass were super large considering she was around 5 ft 2 and 110 lbs, but those Jamaican genetics must be good, because she looked great naked, and curvy everywhere a woman should be – I was very attracted as we started fucking. Having said that, she wasn’t that good at sex, and being 19 and bi I don’t think she was very experienced with guys, as she was pretty shy and not open to much, yet she got very turned on when I spanked and choked her. We went for a couple of rounds and then just hung out for a bit more watching Netflix before I dropped her off, since she had to work the next day. She played some Jamaican music for me on the way back, explaining to me what they were saying, since I had absolutely no idea how what I was hearing was English, but apparently it was. I forgot everything she told me about that music genre or what it was called, although I found it fascinating at that time. I never saw her again.

This lay also raised my confidence – this girl was 19, hot, and yet I managed to bring her back to my place right away and we were fucking 45 mins or so after I had first met her. She was very particular about what she liked and spoke with confidence and passion about it, which I appreciated, and she seemed to be smarter than the Chinese girl. But that goes to show you – if a girl is into you and given the right circumstances, pretty much all girls will fuck quick. Even if you think she is smart and usually a good girl. As I was driving home, I felt good that I had made the lay happen but also tired since I was still sleepy after the night out. I went home, ate and then went to sleep early, super tired but also proud of how much progress I had made.


Both the lays described here are with cute girls that were 19-20 and foreign. Both lays happened quickly, even though the girls themselves had different personalities and both seemed shy in their own way. That’s the lesson here: if a girl is into you and you have the balls to escalate and calibrate to her reaction, you can make things happen a lot quicker than you are probably thinking you can. Girls love sex, but society judges them for it, so if you can be discreet and she knows her friends and family will never find out, then all you have to do is make the moves and see how she responds. When I was a virgin, I would have never thought something like that would happen to me, but with confidence and self-improvement all things are possible. Remember – you are the prize, your frame is all there is, and you make things happen as a man!

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