Remembrance of Things Past: My Top Lays Before Daygame Part II

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Soren Kierkegaard


My last post proved to be quite popular and longer than I thought it would be, so I decided to continue the theme and write this Part II describing some more of my pre-daygame lays. In this post, I will talk about three of my lays before I discovered the Red Pill as well, with the first one coming around 2013, and the other two around 2016-2017.

Stacy, the younger coworker

If you have already read Part I of this series, then you probably remember that I mentioned moving to a different state. I was still going to college and started working at a store in order to earn some living money. There were a lot of pretty girls that worked with me (I will mention a couple of them that I didn’t have sex with in a while) and I got along with all my coworkers, so the job was pretty fun. Stacy had started after I did, and I didn’t know that much about her at first. We barely talked for a bit and besides noticing her long brunette hair, she didn’t make much of an impression on me in the beginning. Eventually, we started flirting a bit as both of us were passing by or eating in the break room. She was a teenager at the time, 17 and working to make some money after school. As time went by, she kept flirting more and more with me, but that was fairly common, so I didn’t pay attention to it, I was more standoffish and kept teasing her. Then one day, I was joking with some customers as they were at the register, and she walked by and mentioned something to me (can’t even remember what it was), I responded, and then she wrote her number on a piece of paper and gave it to me. I remember the customers made a comment about it and I made some type of a joke about it, and Stacy laughed as she was walking away. This was my first hint that something might happen between us, and she had just died her hair blonde, which I must say suited her pretty well.

I did text her soon after, and she was responding enthusiastically. I suggested hanging out and going for a bite to eat, and she responded how much she would love that. Looking back on it, she had made up her mind about what she wanted and I had to make sure I don’t screw it up. But I didn’t know that back then. Long story short, I told her I would pick her up at her parents’ place, and she was excited about going out together. I had just worked out and I hadn’t had sex in a bit at that time, and when I arrived at her place, she told me she needed a couple of minutes so she asked me to come in, and told me her parents were gone. Stacy opened the door for me and I saw her wearing a sexy dress. Now this was something that I hadn’t done before I did it here, but luckily my brain was turned off – I just grabbed her in her dress and started making out with her. Looking back on it, having my brain pretty much off at that point helped me a lot – the move came off with a huge swagger and confidence, and she said something like “Oh my!” if I remember correctly. We never really made it out of that house – we started making out passionately, then she led me to her bedroom, and we ended up having sex a couple of times. After we were done, we talked for a bit, and the more I talked to her, the more I started to feel a weird vibe about her. This girl was 17, but something was telling me she was up to no good and full of shit. She also told me she was texting one of the other girls that worked with us, so I had a hunch that people at work might find out about this. Even though the sex was pretty good, when I went home at the end of the night I had this nagging feeling something was off. I was about to find out what it was pretty soon.

What happened to Stacy, you ask? We never hooked up again, even though she did tell me a couple of times at work that she was wearing vibrating panties that day (naughty girl, that Stacy!) I did try to push for stockroom sex, but that didn’t happen. It seems like none of my coworkers found out about us, or if they did they never mentioned anything about it to me in the time I worked there. Stacy was let go a couple of months after we hooked up after not showing up to work again, and then shortly after I kept hearing things from coworkers about her: apparently, she was hooked on drugs and would skip school and work to hang out with anyone who could hook her up with the good stuff. The more I heard about it, the more I was glad I wore a condom. My gut was right again: there was something off about that girl!

The funny thing is, when I look back on my time working there and the girls, the memory of Stacy isn’t that strong, even though we did hook up. There was another girl there – blonde, pretty tall, beautiful with a great body. The first day she walked in, I was like damn! So I had to introduce myself to her. We kept flirting with each other, and eventually she put up a note as we were talking at her counter. It said “Do you want to be my Valentine?” I had never gotten that before, so you wanna know what I said? I panicked and said I will probably have to work… Here I am, this beautiful girl asking me out, and I said that! Like the guys in Britain would say, total chode move. We never went out, and she is now married with a kid on the way. If I had a bit more game back then (to at least say yes to her Valentine date), who knows what would have happened between us?

There was also another girl – she was Southern, had worked for Hooters, and was a model. She was super shy but I could tell she liked me, and we kept finding excuses to talk to each other. Looking back on it, she made it easy for me to get her number, but all I did at one point was get her Facebook (can’t even remember how, maybe she even gave it to me without me asking. EDIT after writing this paragraph: I did look back through my Messenger profile out of curiosity and saw the first message from 2013 – yeah, she added me on FB, so she was the one that probably asked me for my Facebook. Also, I read through our message history quickly – holy crap, my game sucked. I am disgusted by some of the things I wrote back then. I am also disgusted by how many signals she was giving me on Messenger, and how somehow I escalated and pushed to hang out at the wrong times every single time). I was in Europe for about a month one summer and she kept hitting me up, wanting to talk about my pictures. One thing led to another and she told me she can’t wait for me to be back, so we can drink some wine together. I was pretty optimistic, but when I came back I couldn’t get her out, even though she still seemed to enjoy my attention, and one of my coworkers even told me she was asking about me when I wasn’t there. Looking back on it, my game wasn’t aggressive: I did initiate, but I felt like making a move on coworkers wasn’t good, so I just waited to see what would happen. These girls were definitely giving me signals, but I didn’t go for the number, and I didn’t go for the drink. Now that I think about it, it was super easy to do: there were plenty of times where we got off at night at the same time, and I could have asked both girls for a drink after work. But I didn’t. And that memory of my bad escalation is much stronger than the memory of me hooking up with Stacy. Funny how our minds work sometimes, isn’t it?

Sarah, the Ginger from Tinder

Once I moved to my current location for my job after graduating, I started to use online dating. I was in a relationship for about a year with a girl I met online, and after we broke up I was in a bad state of mind – relationship went downhill fast, and I had blamed myself for it, even thought looking back on it, I should have ended it sooner, and that breakup was actually blessing in disguise. You live and you learn. Shortly after that, I started using online dating again, and I started talking to a ginger girl who seemed to have a nice body on Tinder. Her name was Sarah and she was definitely invested in the early conversation, so I moved the conversation over to Snapchat. She lived around 45 mins away from me, but was always very quick to respond to my Snaps. One thing led to another, and we were trading nudes fairly frequently. We kept chatting and talking about meeting each other, but I was working and she was going to school and working, so I believe it took us a couple of weeks before we had something set up. Throughout that time, we kept sending pics so there was never a reason for me to believe we wouldn’t meet. She told me she really liked rough sex so we talked about how much we are going to have, and I told her I will spank her ass red and use her for my pleasure. She loved it and eventually, we setup a day when she would come over to my place. There was no pretending, and this girl knew exactly what she wanted and what she came over for. She was shorter than me, beautiful long red hair, huge ass for her frame, and perky little tits. I put her over my knee and spanked her hard until I made her ass red, using baby oil to make it shinier. She also loved giving blowjobs and I facefucked her! We also ended up having sex a few times, including once in my shower. She was insatiable and both of us had a great time, and when I sent her home next morning she told me she would come back. Funny story: she told me on the phone her roommate apparently saw how red her ass was when she wearing shorts and asked her about it, and she got shy and made up some story, rather than tell her she hooked up with a guy. Her roommate probably knew though, girls are smart when it comes to shit like that. We kept in touch but I went to Europe for a few weeks in the summer shortly after we met, and then we stopped talking and we never met up again. This hookup did enforce in my mind how much women love being dominated, and I was definitely a different guy from the story described above: I was more comfortable being rough in bed and going after what I want, which I believe was enforced by paying more attention to my workout routine and nutrition with every passing year.

Ciara, the blonde with a huge ass who had a boyfriend

This story is one of my favorites (it happened a couple years ago), because it shows me how far I had come. I went from having girls who were definitely into me making it easy for me and I still managed to screw it up somehow, to being able to intelligently tell that a girl was into me even though she had a boyfriend, and have enough game and confidence to seduce her and kept her attracted to me to the point where she would rather talk to me on the phone than her boyfriend. It’s an interesting story of how we first started talking too, so let’s dive into it!

I was hanging out with a friend of mine who had just bought a house, and we got talking. He was a nice guy and makes good money, but he is the super shy type of guy who never gets laid. He was talking to me about online apps, and told me about a confessions app he was on for a few days and showed it to me. It looked interesting enough and sparked my curiosity so I decided to download it and see what it was about. I read some of the confessions and it was interesting to see what girls would admit: lots of red pill truths on there too. There was a Nearby section, and one girl was saying how she was super mean. I followed up on that and her responses were pretty long, so I was interested to see what she looks like. She did send me a picture and then I sent her a pic of me, since she looked good. She was a blonde with green eyes, looked pretty cute from that initial pic. Then, she asked for a pic of me and as I sent her one, she told me “Well, I have a better pic than that” referring to her original pic. She then send me a couple pics, including one of her licking one of those penis lollipops you buy at Spencers. Alright then, it was on! Shortly after, we transferred to Snap, and before you know it, she sent me a pic of her ass too. I had to do a double take on that: she had a huge white ass, it looked too big for her waist and frame in general. I knew what I had to do. I found out she was 19 about to turn 20, she told me she had a boyfriend but didn’t seem too enthusiastic about it. At one point, we started talking on the phone, and I was able to quickly get things sexual on the phone and she loved it. I found out she was a preacher’s daughter too, and teased her about being a rebel and naughty. Soon after, she kept calling me almost every day, and things kept progressing to where I told her to come down and see me (she lived about 30 mins north).

With work and living with her boyfriend, it took me a while to get her to do that, and she kept saying she was shy, but I could tell by her voice she wanted to do it, she just needed someone to be forceful enough to get her to do it. She also loved when I told her what to do on the phone, and loved to tease me, knowing she would submit to me anyway in the end. Eventually, she made the drive and we went to an amusement park. Apparently, she told her boyfriend she was going with a girlfriend of hers. You probably can figure out what happened – we kept going on rides, she was holding onto me at times, we made out, and then after a couple of hours we went back to my place. I loved spanking that big ass of hers and doing her doggy, and she loved giving me blowjobs and being submissive. She loved being told what to do and obeying, I loved her youthful energy. At one point, her boyfriend called and Ciara answered. For whatever reason, I was super horny at that time, and as she was talking to him, I put my cock in her hand and had her jerk me off as she was on the phone. She was into it and then I told her “You loved it, didn’t you?” when she hung up. She did. I was proud of how long I had come and how sexual I was now, to the point of doing something like that ad hoc with the idea coming to my head at that moment.

She went home that night, but we kept talking on the phone. It went to the point where she would take a walk at night when her boyfriend was playing video games so she could talk to me. She started to open up to me and tell me she loved how I treated her, and how I would tell her what to do: her boyfriend wasn’t like that at all. Her cousin was the only one she told about me, and she loved having that secret. Ciara did come over a few more times to my place, and each time we kept doing more and more, and she would submit to me and do as I say each time. I must say, it’s a glorious experience: having a young sexy teen girl at your apartment, and having her do everything as you say. I think it’s something every guy should experience. That was the first girl that I made call me daddy, and she loved it. I must say I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought too, and I still make younger girls call me that when the mood is all sexual. Ciara would make the drive to see me whenever she could, and one time as we were laying down after sex she even called her boyfriend to tell him she was staying with her cousin – and her cousin, who was apparently a huge slut, would back her on everything. We fucked a lot that night, and I kept thinking how guys really need to see this side of women to know why you should always improve as a men – she was joyful, sexual, submissive, craving me without any pretending. I didn’t know anyone she knew, and no one except her cousin would know about me ever. She loved that anonymity and loved the sexual energy we had together.

What happened to Ciara? She broke up with that boyfriend a couple months after (huge surprise, right?) and started dating someone else, and as we kept talking I could tell she was into the new guy more and wasn’t into me as much, so I backed off a bit for a few months. That worked and she snapped me as soon as they broke up, and she came over again. That was the last time I would end up seeing her though – I discovered she deleted me off Snap when I came back from Europe after a few months had passed. I thought I knew what happened, but a few months later I got curious and called her. She told me she was pregnant and in a serious relationship with a guy, and that she couldn’t talk to me anymore. I understood and expected something like that – she did tell me that she had done things with me she hadn’t done with anyone, and I believed her. It was one of those beautiful sexual experiences that the younger me would never believe could happen. Opposites do attract – and if you as a guy get in touch with your dominant side, then submissive girls will do anything to please you once you get them attracted.


Originally, I intended all of this to be one blog post, but as I wrote about each girl, my mind kept remembering more details and it now looks like I will write a Part III as well. That will focus on some of my lays pre-daygame but after I found out about the Red Pill. Here’s a little preview: I will talk about one of my Tinder lays when I was on a work trip and had sex with a young college girl about 70-80 minutes after I sent her the first message on Tinder. Stay tuned for Part III!

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