Field Report: The Nurse and the Latina

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

Jim Rohn

The Nurse

I was recovering from an illness and hadn’t approached in about a week. I was pumped from a great gym session when I went to the grocery store to pick up some things. As I was navigating my way through the aisles, a blonde caught my eye and we held eye contact for a second, then she smiled. An IOI, it was on! I had to go after her and found her in the snacks aisle. “Excuse me, I saw you from over there and thought you look nice” I said. She smiled right away and immediately asked for my name. It was on even more! She had hooked right away and was easy to talk to. Ellen was a blonde nurse who was shopping for a party she was throwing next night. I made sure to tease her about it, and we talked about food, travel, and life in general for a few minutes. She asked my name again as I was getting her number, and she put in both her first and last name in my phone when I handed it to her. The rush to approach after a week or so was amazing, and the set was perfect, I was happy!

The Latina… and her phone

The next day, I was at Target after work when my eyes noticed the amazing ass of a Latina almost as soon as I walked in. My feet had a mind of their own and started to walk towards her, she looked so good, I had to approach! I finally caught up to her in a grocery aisle as she had her phone in her hand. I didn’t think much of it and delivered my opener… and she smiled, but pretty much right as I finished, I heard someone start to speak Spanish on her speakerphone. She had just called her mom and she picked up right as I approached, what were the chances? She started talking to her mom and I stood there for a few seconds, then walked away. I thought I had bad luck as I walked away, but thinking about it maybe she wasn’t too interested in me, otherwise she would have found a way to keep talking to me. I did feel like I had a chance if she didn’t get on the phone, but that’s the game – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It felt great to be attracted to a girl on a primal level and know you have to approach though!

Married Chicks

I went to a department store after the gym one night and saw a smoking hot fit brunette. I figured I had to approach and did it, she smiled after the opener and said she was married right away, showing me her ring. I was nervous as I walked towards her to approach but I was glad I made it happen, quick rejection is key in growing as a player!

Almost right away after that, I saw an Asian looking chick in yoga pants, she looked good too so I opened her direct as well. She was married too! She was Kazakh and loved chatting, I had to let her go when I sensed she was using it to boost her self-esteem and as validation, she wasn’t interested in anything more. It’s funny how women can stand there and talk to you for hours if you don’t have the balls to show your intent, they love the attention. You have to be the man and go after what you want, otherwise plenty of women will happily waste your precious time.


I was slowly but surely getting better. I still had a lot of approach anxiety at this point of my journey, but now I made it happen with the really hot women and went after what I wanted, no matter how nervous I was. There were actually times when I weaseled on approaching an OK chick, only to see a hot one a minute later and open her almost immediately. I was happy to see my response to the hot ones, but wanted a bit more consistency and self-confidence when it came to opening other attractive women, as I knew that would make me a better player. Let’s look at the data so far:

  • Approaches: 72
  • Numbers: 9

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