Field Report: A New Venue And Lessons Learned

“Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really: Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, so go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success.”

Thomas J. Watson

The New Venue

At this point in my daygame journey, I was struggling to find more venues where the concentration of cute girls was high enough to give me enough targets to approach. Downtown usually doesn’t have high foot traffic areas, so I had gamed mostly at malls and stores. I was excited to try out a big grocery store in a hip part of town. The demographics were good – lots of 20-somethings lived in the area, it had 3(!!) gyms close by, and a college campus too. I love working out, and I love a cute girl with a nice ass in yoga pants. I had to check it out! As it turns out, I loved it there, and it is maybe my favorite place to game in my area (I was there last Sunday and did 8 approaches). But let’s get back to the first time I was there – and the lesson I learned.

The Nice Brunette Who Wasn’t

As this was a new venue I was unfamiliar with and considering I had 72 daygame approaches at this stage of my journey, I was a bit nervous and had a lot of approach anxiety. However, there were a lot of targets, and I was excited to see that this specific grocery store seemed to be a landmine! That helped with my AA a bit, and I saw a brunette in a dress. She looked super nice, so I felt confident that approaching her as my first set of the day would be great and she will love it! I walk up to her, direct opener – she looked at me weird and just said “I am on my way out!” and walked away. There went my initial impression of her being nice, but I took it well – it actually made me chuckle and this quick rejection inspired me to take more action.

Gaining Momentum… and the blonde with the RBF

I did a couple of more sets almost right away, this place was full of cute girls! A blonde smiled at my approach and thanked me, but walked away. A brunette at the wine aisle was staring intently at the wines there, so I went indirect. She didn’t realize that I was hitting on her and walked away, only to come back a second later. I made sure she knew I was hitting on her this time, but she said she drinks the wine with her boyfriend. (Note to self: direct approaches are more masculine and superior!)

And then, there she was – a blonde with a resting bitch face in yoga pants with an amazing ass. My mind tried to make excuses – “She looks mean, she won’t like you approaching her, she seems like a bitch, etc.” I almost chickened out of approaching her, but then she turned around and I saw her piece of art ass again. I had to do it, no matter what! I chased her and opened direct – her RBF immediately turned into a smile! Sarah was very chatty, I guess the fact that she had a resting bitch face scares guys away and she doesn’t get approached too often, but she loved it and was genuinely curious about me. She asked me a lot of questions and the vibe was good, so I naturally went for the number to have a drink. At that point, she said she has a boyfriend, but would have loved to if she didn’t. I believed her – her body language and voice tonality was honest. I wished Sarah a good day and moved on, she enjoyed being approached!

The European Lover

At this point, I felt good and had momentum – I had done four approaches, the last one turned out well, and it seemed like this grocery store was packed with sexy women – what’s not to love? As I was walking towards the wine aisle, I noticed a cute blonde. I opened direct strongly with lots of intent and confidence. Right away, she asked me about my accent and said “I have been to thirteen countries in Europe!” I teased her a bit and then we figured out she hasn’t been to my country. Just as we were vibing and I had a good feeling about this one, her friend shows up and Lauren told me that’s her friend. I acted confidently and introduced myself to her friend, and then they said they had to go! Fuck – if only I could have had a few more minutes with her, at this point we had only talked for about a minute but it was clear she was into European men. I trusted my sixth sense and went for the number, she said “Maybe…” I then pushed a bit playfully and she gave me her number. She did end up texting me back and we had a date setup. So there’s another lesson too: if a girl is into you, it doesn’t matter if the set ends up being too short. I think she only said “Maybe” to my number close because her friend was there, she didn’t want to seem too easy.


So there you have it guys – if you think a girl looks nice and approachable, she might not be. Even if she gives you an IOI, she might not like you approaching her. And just because a girl seems bitchy doesn’t mean she won’t melt when you approach her like a man with intent. Some girls will also just be into you and even if the set is short for external reasons, she will still want to meet up because you are her type. The way I see it, every approach is Schrodinger’s approach – the girl could either love it or hate it. It is up to you to find out! Let’s look at the data so far:

  • Approaches: 78
  • Numbers: 10

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