Field Report: Three Numbers in Four Sets

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

Thomas Jefferson

Gym Chick at Target

I was shopping at Target on Sunday, had been there in a while and didn’t see any good sets. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl walking, and then I looked at her. I realized I had seen her at the gym the day before, but she wasn’t a regular. I had to go over and talk to her – I am not one to approach at the gym since I go a lot, but seeing someone in a store I thought was fair game. I approached and said I knew her from somewhere, she didn’t seem know, but once I said the gym maybe she remembered me, which was a good sign. Chat was pretty good with good jokes and spikes, and she said “Why not?” when I asked for her number so we can go for a drink. I felt like it wasn’t my best game, but good enough to get her number, and we ended up going on a few dates actually. I had another approach shortly after while I was still on a high, and that went nowhere.

Post-gym success

A couple days later, I was at the grocery store after a good session at the gym. I had a quick chat with one of my neighbors who I saw there, and right after I did that I saw a cute black chick standing by the toothpaste. I opened indirectly this time about toothpaste, and I realized she was on the phone through her headphones when I opened. You know what she did? She said “Hey mom I will call you right back” and talked to me! I was thinking to myself this is great, she is totally into you. Teasing and conversation flew naturally, she was asking me a decent amount of question and investing a lot, even asked me where I live. Number close was easy, and I walked away thinking “Damn, she hung up on her mom to talk to me, this is crazy!”

Shortly after that, I saw a cute slim blonde girl. I made a comment about her tattoo and she said thanks, then we started a conversation. She was very dreamy and said her tattoo represents space, which was a bit weird and I teased her for it. She was one of those girls who asked for my number when I asked for a drink, but my frame was strong enough to get her number after that. Convo wasn’t too strong so I thought she would flake, but she actually did text back for a bit, she was super flaky though and anytime I tried to get her out she would have an excuse. I moved on to other girls, don’t have time to waste!


Below are the stats at this stage of the 100 approach challenge. If you remember my last field report, you know that I had gotten only 3 numbers from my first 42 approaches. Well, here I got 3 in 4. Daygame is super random – those 4 sets weren’t really my best, but sometimes a girl is into you and will give you her number even if you mess up a few things as long as your intent is there. So if you’re going through a tough time, keep approaching and that will change!

  • Approaches: 46
  • Numbers: 6

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