Field Report: I’d Rather Not Chick… And A Lot More!

It is failure that guides evolution; perfection provides no incentive for improvement, and nothing is perfect.

Colson Whitehead

“I’d rather not!”

I was at shopping at Target after work one day, and as I was on my way out I saw a cute chick in the cosmetics section. I had to turn around and go talk to her, so I opened her direct – “Excuse me, I thought you look nice so I had to come say hi!” She looked at me, said “I’d rather not!” in a pained tone, and turned her back on me. Alright, alright, alright! It felt rough as I was walking away at that moment, but I have since learned that quick rejections like that are actually great once you kill your ego – if you think about it, it shows you right away that she is not interested in you, so you don’t waste your time. Quick rejections let you move on from incompatible girls, and you have more time to find the girls that are interested in you. Learn to embrace and love rejection!

The saleswomen who stared at me

I did a couple of sets where I thought I would experiment and go indirect, and both went pretty bad – I didn’t show enough intent so the conversations were too friendly. I moved back into my direct openers and had better conversations and success, and then I was walking out of a store at the mall after talking to a girl. The girls at a jewelry store were noticed by my peripheral vision – I turned to the side and noticed all three were staring at me and waved at me when I turned around! I walked a couple of steps and realized I have to go back and say hi to them in the store. The older one of the three hit on me right away, and then they asked where I was from – I made sure to make each of them guess and tease them when they guessed wrong. One of the girls left with a smile, so I assumed that she was taken. Then the older chick asked me what I am doing tomorrow and said “She’s free”, pointed to her coworker and left! I was taken back a bit, but I was able to control myself and talk a bit to Kayla, found out she was 23 and of Latina origin. Getting the number here was effortless, as she was typing it in my phone the other two started to come back, but noticed we were still chatting, smiled and waited for me to leave so they go back to Kayla. I was shocked as I walked out of the store – did this really happen? I was pleased I had the balls to walk into the store when I noticed they were into me, before doing daygame I doubt I would have had the confidence to do that.

The girl with her mom, and the girl with a boyfriend

On another day, I was at a department store after work, wearing one of my favorite dress shirts. A cute girl walked by me and smiled, I returned the smile – I had to turn around and chat her up! I noticed her walking to her mom, but I had to approach since she looked even better from the back, so I took a deep breath and walked over there, made sure to acknowledge her mom too, and told the girl she looks nice. The mom smiled at that, and the girl actually turned red and was at a loss of words! I talked for a bit and then found out the girl is 17, which made me excuse myself and tell them to have a good day. The mom seemed super cool, while I knew her daughter was into me – she could barely say a few words when I was around, and if she wasn’t so young I would have tried to get her number. I noticed her looking back at me when they were leaving the store – what a shy girl!

Almost right after that happened, I was at my grocery store stocking up on a few things I would need for a new recipe I was trying out. As I was walking around, I noticed a girl with blue eyes make eye contact, so I had to go towards her. She disappeared down an aisle but when I saw her again, she looked back at me again so I thought I needed to approach. She returned the compliment as soon as I went direct – first time that’s happened to me! She immediately said she has a boyfriend, but kept talking to me and flirting. I took that as a good sign and asked for her number, and I kid you not she stood there sighing and wondering for a good few seconds – I found it amusing and had a smirk on my face. At the end she was able to resist herself, but it was obvious she was into me.


Below are the stats at this stage of the 100 approach challenge. As you can see, I had to talk to 14 girls to get 1 number at this stage of the game. I was getting interest and eye contact from a lot of girls and I felt like I had to have more numbers based on that, especially since I had a couple of girls basically give me their numbers. Quite a few good interactions didn’t end in number closes due to the girl having a boyfriend/husband, so I felt like I was doing better than the numbers were showing. It took me 42 approaches to get 3 numbers. And as you will see in my next field report, I was about to get the next 3 numbers a lot quicker!

  • Approaches: 42
  • Numbers: 3

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