Field Report: Two Sisters and My First Number

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Opening Two Sisters

After my horrible approach anxiety during my first day approaching (you can read about it here), I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The next day, I went to another mall in the area and walked around, it seemed dead. However, with the corner of my eye I saw a girl with a nice ass walk into a store, and I walked in without much hesitation. I looked around and saw the girl I had noticed, she was with another girl who didn’t look as good as her. As I looked at her, I saw she did check me out a couple of times as well. My approach anxiety was there, but it wasn’t as high as the day before. It still took me a bit of time to approach, and I went with an indirect opener on the two of them, improvising a bit. I mentioned that I need help choosing a shirt for a friend’s birthday as I stared way too hard at the shirts in that store. Both of them engaged right away and gave me some suggestions, and after a couple of minutes of this I took the conversation into more personal topics. The hot one with the nice ass said she leaving to go back to California tomorrow, and was just visiting her sister… Fuck! At that point, I looked at her sister and realized she looked decent, but nowhere near as hot. I asked the sister for a drink, and at that point she informed me she was underage. Double fuck! As I was departing, both of them told me to have a good day, and the hotter one did smile at me, I was sure she liked me. Knowing what I know now, I could have handled that better, but walking away from that set at that point felt like a huge win for me – I had approached two girls and talked with them for a bit, definitely helped with my approach anxiety!

The First Number

I did approach a thicker girl who seemed to have a nice ass at the bookstore, only for her to tell me “No, thank you!” when I asked her for a drink. Before the approach, in my mind I was doing her a favor by approaching, given that she was a bit thicker than I usually like them. Game is fun, isn’t it? I also had a fun experience after the gym at a store when my pre-workout combined with my high testosterone from the gym and my approach anxiety made me super nervous and awkward when I approached a blonde with a country accent, she was married so the set didn’t last long, but I felt like my heart was about to explode.

And then, it happened – I got my first number from daygame. I approached an Asian chick at the grocery store, she smiled at my direct opener and we chatted for a bit. When I asked for her number she made an interesting face and said “Sure”. Of course, she proceeded to ghost me, and as I gain more experience I am not surprised – it was a pretty weak set without much going on, and I didn’t do a good job of making her interested. At the time though, the high felt amazing – I had proven to myself I could approach and get numbers!


I did do a few more approaches, but none that really stand out. I had a girl at the bookstore tell me she had a boyfriend right as I opened, then continue to ask me questions about my accent. The approach anxiety made it so that I wasn’t the one driving the conversation, so the whole set ended up being weird. I also tried approaching a girl who worked at the mall in a booth, she didn’t seem interested in chatting with me, only in selling me cologne.

Here are the stats at this stage of the 100 approach challenge:

  • Approaches: 15
  • Numbers: 1

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