Field Report: The Pakistani And The Gym Rat

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”


The Pakistani

I was at my favorite grocery store on the weekend when I saw a dark-skinned girl I found attractive – my gut told me that she’s Latina. I opened her direct and she smiled right away, I stacked on her looks telling her that she looks Latina. She hooked and told me she’s Pakistani, then immediately asked about my accent and where I’m from. In my experience, that is usually a good sign, and I did what I always do: I made her guess. She had nothing, so I teased her about that and told her where I am from. The chat progressed from there, but she wasn’t investing too much in the conversation, and at that point in my daygame journey I still had trouble with calibration. I went for the number after a bit and she offered to take my number. Ouch! I refused and asked for her number, she said I put her on the spot – that was interesting to hear, but I was happy to have enforced my boundaries. She eventually said no and I told her it’s OK and kept moving on. I was happy to do the right thing – giving her my number and never hearing from her again is not my idea of a good time, if she liked me enough she would have given me her number.

Indirect Opener

Shortly after the Pakistani set, I saw a cute slim blonde picking out her pasta for the night. I went indirect and commented on how focused she was on picking her pasta, the conversation then went into generic bullshit. I didn’t have the chance to go direct as we were in a busy section of the store and she walked away before I could make the switch, she did smile when I saw her later, but I have a rule of not approaching a girl in the same session if she walked away. This set only made me more invested in approaching direct and showing intent right away, otherwise it can be hard to make the switch once the conversation develops and goes somewhere.

Chick with flowers

I was at the store for about an hour now, and I had done five approaches – it was a good day and lots of cute girls kept walking in. I saw a chick with flowers in her cart, and remembered what I had read on Redpilldad’s blog about an approach he did where he used the following line – “Why is a pretty girl like you buying her own flowers?” I think my delivery was off as I had to repeat the opener, then she said “Because I can!” and walked away. I don’t think I came across as playful enough here, but the girl also seemed a bit like a bitch.

The Gym Rat

I was almost ready to go home as I had done six approaches and gotten some good convo, but no numbers. I wasn’t really feeling it, but then I saw Alexis. She was cute and in her gym clothes, I had to approach. She smiled at me before opening, so I thought she liked me and I went direct. It turns out she was an intern and had been in the area for a couple of months, both of us had an interest in the gym and we chatted for a bit. She said she’s only in the area for another week when I went for the number close, then she said good to meet you and walked away. If I had a bit more experience here I would have probably pushed it a bit further, but back then I didn’t have the confidence to do so.


This session was interesting because my inner game wasn’t strong and I was questioning myself, yet I had a couple of good sets and some IOI’s. I got no numbers from seven approaches, but looking back on it I was cutting my conversations short and going for the number rather than staying for another few minutes and then number closing after establishing a better connection. You live and you learn! Next field report will detail my remaining three approaches I did to get to a hundred approaches, and I might even write about some of the lessons I learned from those first hundred approach anxiety ridden approaches. Stay tuned for more!

  • Approaches: 97
  • Numbers: 10
  • Snapchat: 1

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